Today, we’re announcing our first Android Wear application for MySwimPro!

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“This new product offering brings our award winning technology from the Apple Watch to the Android marketplace leveraging the power of GoogleFit and Android Wear 2.0.” – Fares Ksebati, Co-Founder & CEO

The Android Wear App coaches you through swim workouts set by set. It works by syncing a swim workout from the Android App to the Android Wear App. MySwimPro features hundreds of swim workouts organized by skill level, stroke category and workout duration.

Android Wear 2.0

MySwimPro is the first swimming app to pair with GoogleFit and also run Android Wear 2.0 app for swimmers. Android Wear 2.0 is the biggest update for Google’s smart watch OS so far.

“We’re excited to bring the MySwimPro experience to Android Wear 2.0. With this release, swimmers can be coached through any workout completely independent from their phone.” – Michael Allon, Co-Founder & Android Lead

In 2.0 you don’t need your phone nearby to use the MySwimPro app on your Android Wear device. Using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or cellular instead of depending on a tethered phone or cloud syncing, your Android smart watch can run MySwimPro 100% independent of your Android phone.

In the coming months we’ll be adding a number of new features including distance tracking for pool and open water. This will allow us to expand our offering to a much larger audience, creating a differentiated experience for our community members with Android Wear devices. You can check it out in the Google Play Store here.



  1. Has open water swimming been added for android now? I would like to use this app with a Nixon Mission to track open ocean swimming.

  2. Android wear is a type of Application which is used in the Android watch. it is very useful to me. In this watch, you can also use the Gmail account. if you have any problem with the Gmail account go to the support team to provide the best information.

  3. Hi, I’m planning to buy a smartwatch and a important aspect is swimming tracking. Does Misfit Vapor work good with myswimpro?

  4. Aloha!
    Hast open water swimming now being added? It’s a few years now since you’ve announced this….

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