At MySwimPro we’re very fortunate to have the best swim city in the country right in our backyard. According to USA Swimming, Ann Arbor is consistently named the best swim city in the country!

Home to the University of Michigan Wolverines, Ann Arbor is deeply rooted in elite swimming at an international level. Ann Arbor Mayor Christopher Taylor called it an honor to be recognized as the top swim city. The Ann Arbor Masters Swim Club holds workouts every morning and almost every afternoon at Fuller Park Pool in the summer and at the Mack pool in the winter months.

The Ann Arbor Masters swim club is home to beginning swimmers and former Olympic stars. At any given morning workout there can be up to 60 swimmers in the water. It’s a very energetic group lead by head coach Don Swalwell.

“Ann Arbor’s ties to Olympic and University of Michigan swimming champions who have trained here, including Michael Phelps, is a definite point of pride,” Taylor said. “The many outdoor and indoor pools and aquatics programs throughout our city support swimmers of all ages and abilities, whether they are training to achieve greatness, working to remain active and healthy, or merely enjoying the intrinsic pleasure of being in the water.”
“The combination of Club Wolverine, the University, city residents and Club Wolverine Swim Camp as one of the most successful swim camps in the country, is evidence of why the Ann Arbor swim community is so great.” – Tyler Clary, former University of Michigan swimmer and Olympic Gold Medalist.



  1. It’s a great atmosphere to be surrounded by former olympians and beginner swimmers! You can cheer them on both the same.!!!!
    This state and city has many great Masters Swimming Program affiliated with USMS!!

  2. I recently moved from Ann Arbor to California and I miss my morning fellow Ann Arbor Masters swimmers! A truly fun and supportive group of people and coach (miss you Don!)…. Now I have a masters group in California and I can say that masters swimmers are wonderful here too….so take advantage of a masters swimming group no matter what your skill group or where you are. Thanks for the video Fares…

  3. Dr. Sherrel A. Wells B.A.M.M.T on

    Can we get a bubble dome for Fuller lets give the number one team the best pool all year round.

  4. Sherrel A. Wells B.A.M.M.T. on

    Can we get a bubble dome for Fuller; allowing use of the pool 12 months of the year. To give the leading team the best pool all year round.

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