Today we released MySwimPro version 4.7 for iPhone and award winning Apple Watch App. This coincides with Apple’s release of iOS 11 and watchOS 4, that bring a myriad of new features, like a new Control Center, redesigned App Store, new watch faces, and much, much more to your devices.

Read about my experience at WWDC17, where these new features were announced!
watchOS 4 gives developers some great new tools behind the scenes to help us build better apps. Using these, we built some new features that we shipped with MySwimPro 4.7! Check them out below:

Automatic Set Detection

In this release, we’re utilizing Apple’s new automatic set detection feature for swimming. It does its best to figure out what sets and intervals you’re doing during the workout, without you having to enter anything! It automatically detects the distance, interval, and even your split on that rep.

Split Detection For Guided Workouts

Swimming a guided workout loaded from your phone? The watch will now record exactly by how much you crushed that test set, or how long it took you to finish warmup. Don’t have an Apple Watch? You can still manually record your splits in a workout with the phone app!

Water Lock

watchOS 4 gives us the the ability to toggle the water lock: Apple’s solution to preventing accidental touches on the capacitive touch screen of the Apple Watch. This was probably our most requested Apple Watch feature- now it’s here!
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Pause & Resume with side buttons

Now, even with water lock enabled, you can pause and resume your workout by simultaneously pressing both side buttons on the watch.

HealthKit & Activity app improvements

We’re logging more information than ever to HealthKit, so you can really dissect your workout if you want. And now, if you enable location permissions in settings, we will attach your swim route to any open water workouts you complete on the watch!
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iPhone App Improvements

On top of Apple Watch improvements, we’ve included a handful of phone improvements as well. Dynamic Intervals now work with all strokes – be sure to enter your best times for all of the strokes to get fully personalized workouts! We also cleaned up the settings a bit and fixed a few lingering bugs.
Check out Apple’s support page to learn how to update to watchOS 4!
I’d like to give a special shoutout to our beta testers, who helped make this release awesome. If you’re interested in becoming a beta tester for our next big release, shoot me an email!
Go download the update today, and let us know what you think in the comments!
For more information about Apple’s releases today, check out the great release summaries from 9to5mac for iOS and watchOS.


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