Keeping a workout journal offers numerous advantages for reaching your swimming goals. Keeping track of what you’re doing is a key to staying motivated and oriented towards your goals. Self-monitoring has been shown to work over and over again in studies and research.

We’ve prepared a few tips to make logging your swim workouts with MySwimPro as easy as possible for you:

1. Make swim tracking a habit

Turn logging your workouts with MySwimPro into a new post-swim ritual! It only takes a couple minutes (or even seconds). Ideally, you’ll log your a workout pre-written from our library or training plan right after you complete the swim workout.

2. Keep it simple

Don’t get overwhelmed with every detail in the beginning! You might want to record every split of every rep you did. When you get started, just having the total distance is enough to keep track of your overall distance. Swim tracking can be as complicated as you want it to be, but when you’re starting out, keep it simple.

3. Plan swim workouts in advance

Planning your swims over the course of the week makes swim tracking much easier! MySwimPro has hundreds of workouts and training plans so you don’t have to come up with your own workout. In the app, you’ll find tons of workouts, videos, and instructional content that you can log with just one tap in MySwimPro!

Swimming is a vehicle for teaching us things like self-responsibility, consistency, and determination. And yes, these are the things that will serve us very well in life outside of the pool, whether it’s in our careers, academics, or our personal lives.

This is just a sneak preview of all the tips we have for making the most of MySwimPro. If you want to see more tips, read Why You Should Log Every Workout!

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