New Year, New You!
The catalyst for many changes is often the coming of a new year and a little thing called New Year’s resolutions — that widely held tradition in which millions of people take stock of their lives and resolve to make changes. Whether you’re a new swimmer or veteran, here are a few tips to stick to your goals and swim your fastest in 2018!

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Make This Year Yours

Below are 5 points of focus to achieve your goals and swim faster than ever before!

  1. Be Specific with your Goals
  2. Practice Confidence
  3. Enjoy the Process
  4. Have Fun With Workouts
  5. You Are What You Eat

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You could do the same thing over and over or do random workouts, but you wouldn’t be making the most of your time. Structured training plans have many advantages over random, undirected workouts. Below are a few of MySwimPro’s top training plans and a few ways they will help you reach your goals with swimming!

If you have a resolution to go to the pool more often, it’ll be a lot easier if join a swim training routine. If you can get a swim buddy to join you, even better! You’ll be accountable to the program and your buddy.
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