There is no question that Caeleb Dressel is one of the most incredible athletes in the world!

At the 2018 NCAA Championships, Caeleb Dressel re-wrote the record books recording the fastest 50 yard freestyle time ever three times within 12 hours. He is the first human to break the 18 second barrier in the 50 freestyle, and not just but a slim margin, he absolutely shattered it.

  • Time: 17.63
  • Reaction Time: +0.63
  • 1st 25: 8.48
  • 2nd 25: 9.15
  • Stroke Count: 8, 11
  • Breaths: 0

Before Caeleb Dressel took the reigns as the best short course yards sprinter in the world upon entering the University of Florida, the fastest 50 freestyle ever recorded was 18.47 by César Cielo (Auburn/Brazil) set back in 2008 at the NCAA Championships. For reference, Caesar Cielo is the 2008 Olympic Champion in the event and still holds the World Record in the 50, 100 Long Course Freestyle.

As a relative measure of speed, Caeleb Dressel is roughly 4.5% faster than anyone has ever recorded in 50 yards freestyle. This is a bigger margin than any swimmer in the world right now. It’s absolutely amazing to see such separation from a swimmer who is just 21 years young. Below are some personal stats that may surprise you:

  • Height: 6’3″
  • Weight: 190lbs
  • DOB: 8/16/1996
  • College: University of Florida ‘18

How is Caeleb Dressel So Fast?

There are two variables at play when it comes to improving swimming performance: You can either decrease drag, or increase propulsion. The best swimmers in the world continuously focus on improving both of these variables.

Dressel is simply better than anyone in the world at every part of the race. His start, underwater streamline, breakout, and over water speed is faster than anyone. When you factor this into the swimming equation, you have a dangerous formula for breaking records and redefining barriers.

But Can He Swim In The “Big Pool”?

It’s one thing to tear it up in the American Short Course Yards pool, it’s another to break records in the Olympic Distance (50 meter) pool. Many swimming experts would argue, yes – Caeleb Dressel is the best swimmer in the world right now, regardless of pool course.

His performances at last summer’s Long Course FINA World Championships (7 Gold Medals) would indicate that regardless of the pool length, Dressel will perform. Specifically his 100m Butterfly time of 49.8 seconds was just a hair (.04) slower than Michael Phelps’s 100m Butterfly world record from the 2009 FINA World Championships in Rome.

Should we be surprised by Dressel’s speed?

Not at all. In August 2013, Dressel turned in a record-shattering win in the 100-meter freestyle at the FINA World Junior Championships in Dubai. His time of 48.97 seconds replaced the U.S. national 17-18 age group record of 49.05 seconds, set by Michael Phelps in 2004. For the last half-decade Dressel has been breaking records and redefining barriers in the sport of swimming. The real question we should ask ourselves is:

Which record will he break next?

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