When you displace water, you’re creating resistance. Don’t just feel the way your body moves through the water, listen to it. Use all your senses and try to focus on the noise your hand makes as it enters the water. Listen to the sound your body makes when you exhale under water, and reduce. Try and relax, It’s usually best to finish every workout by swimming a few lengths focusing on reducing the noise you make when you swim. I usually do a few lengths of ‘silent swimming’ to make sure I’m leaving the pool with a great stroke!

Workout Statistics:

  • Distance: 2,100m
  • Duration: 47 Minutes
  • Focus: Silent Swimming

Main Set

On the main set, focus on applying a maximum distance per stroke while making as little splash as possible while swimming. Be sure to use all of your senses in minimizing drag by reducing the noise you make while swimming.

  • 1 x 300 Pull
  • 2 x 150 Pull
  • 3 x 100 Pull
  • 6 x 50 Pull

The interval is variable based on the zone and speed of the swimmer, but these will adjust with dynamic intervals. If you’re unsure on interval training, here’s a great read that explains what interval training is.

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