On this episode of the #AskASwimPro show we’re at Campus Martius Park in Downtown Detroit discussing how to overcome swimming fatigue and prevent yourself from burning out.

– Why swimmers burn out
– How to get back into swimming after a long break
– How many times per week you should swim
Listen to the discussion on SoundCloud:


  • :48 – How do you swim faster in the 50 freestyle?
  • 2:30 – Why do swimmers burn out?
  • 4:05 – How swimming with a group makes swimming easier.
  • 5:14 – What you can do to stay consistent out of the water.
  • 6:00 – How to get back into swimming after a long break.
  • 7:02 – How to set specific seasonal goals.
  • 9:30 – How many times per week should you swim?
  • 11:30 – What do you do after a big taper competition?
  • 13:40 – How to mix up goals to stay motivated.
  • 14:30 – How do you train for the 200 freestyle?
  • 16:20 – How to lower your swimming volume without getting out of shape?
  • 20:18 – How to pace the 500/400 freestyle?

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