A swim coach can make all the difference in helping you swim faster and more efficiently. They can help structure workouts that are personalized to your speed, skill level and goals.

But most people can’t have a coach on deck all the time. That’s where the MySwimPro app comes in. Using your best times, our DynamicSwim algorithm creates Personalized Training Intervals for every Workout so you can swim with confidence, knowing you’re getting a Guided Workout that is customized to your speed and skill level.

How MySwimPro’s DynamicSwim Algorithm Works

The DynamicSwim algorithm understands how fast you are and tailors Workouts to your specific needs.

Edit your Personalized Training Intervals by visiting your Settings on your Profile. Tap Workout Settings and Swim Strokes to choose the strokes you swim and enter your best times for 100 yards or meters in each (if you aren’t sure, an estimate works too!). The algorithm then personalizes Workouts based this metric and a number of other variables including the Effort Level of the Set, distance, number of reps, Skill Level and more.

Learn more about how swim Workouts are structured to better understand interval training.

Example Swim Workout

The Workout below comes from the MySwimPro Workout Library. This Workout is for an advanced swimmer training in a 25 yard pool. The 3,000-yard Workout should take 74 minutes, and the intervals reflected on the Set are generated based on the best times entered on the Swim Strokes screen.

Below is the exact same advanced level Workout personalized for a slower swimmer:

This Workout will now take 101 minutes (up from 74 minutes), and offers a different set of intervals for every Set.

When you swim with Personalized Training Intervals, your training density (how much swimming you do per unit of time) is dramatically more efficient because you are taking adequate rest between Reps and Sets.

This improved efficiency allows you to get more out of your time in the water and enhance your aerobic conditioning.

Have you given it a try?

Start a Training Plan or Workout from our Workout Library to start swimming faster today. If you have questions about Personalized Training Intervals, swimming, or the MySwimPro app, visit our Support Site!



  1. I am a novice swimmer and can’t do butterfly stroke and I am absolutely measly in backstroke. My main goal is to improve freestyle and backstroke and do some breaststroke. Will dynamic workout still work? Would I just leave butterfly blank when putting times into the algorithm? Are your workouts designed to skip one type of stroke or would I be limited to do just certain workouts? Thanks for answering.

    • Hi there! We’re excited to hear you’re training with MySwimPro! Go ahead and skip entering your butterfly time. Our library of workouts focus on all different strokes and training types. You can select a workout that is freestyle or backstroke-focused and it won’t include butterfly. All of our workouts are 100% customizable, so if you ever find a workout that has butterfly in it, you can edit it on your phone before you begin the workout. I’d suggest just swapping it for another stroke other than freestyle. Thanks!

  2. Sandy Hossman on

    I am trying to get back my endurance after breast cancer. My favorite stroke is freestyle and backstroke. I use to compete in Masters but just want to enjoy swimming again.

    • That is so great to hear, Sandy! Swimming is a great form of exercise, and I’m so happy that it’s helping your body and mind recover from some hard times. Enjoying the water is a beautiful thing. Keep up the great work, I’m so proud of you 🙂

  3. David Nielson on

    High School was a long time ago for me, but I loved the swim team! My daughter has been swimming for high school too and I’ve always loved watching her! So when a gym with a pool opened up close by I signed up before they finished building it. The first month was killer, but I got my old strokes back and can now survive a good long 2,000 yard swim comfortably. For Christmas my wife got me an Apple Watch 4. To my amazement and delight, the basic watch can keep track of my distance AND my strokes! To my more amazement and delight I came across MySwimPro which works seamlessly with my watch! I’ve done a few workouts and through MySwimPro I’ve realized things have drastically changed since 1987! It’s like learning to swim all over again and I love it! Since I’ve started using MySwimPro I am within 5 seconds of my fastest 50 free in high school! Can’t wait to beat it and my school IM and Breaststroke records as well! And this is at age 50! Here’s to swimming and my personal MySwimPro coach! One of the best investments I’ve ever made for myself!

    • David – this is incredible!!! Thank you so much for sharing your story and for your continued support. If you’re interested, we’d love to share this testimonial and any other stories or photos of you on our blog. If you’re interested, can you please send me an email? paige@myswimpro.com.
      Thanks so much and keep up the great work!
      Paige Walters
      Marketing Director

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