On this episode of the #AskASwimPro show, we’re in Orlando, Florida at the Pan American Masters Swimming Championships with some of the fastest masters swimmers in the world from Brazil 🇧🇷! It’s an awesome discussion on what it’s like to compete in international meets and how to swim fast with strength training and race-specific workouts!
Huge shout out to one of our MySwimPro global ambassadors, Marcello Carrapito for helping put this blog together and transcribing parts of the interview to Portuguese!

Felipe, Estefania, and Thiago are among the fastest masters swimmers in the world. All three are from Vitória, Brazil. Felipe is a renown coach and Estefania trains in his program. Thiago swam at Nova Southeastern University in Florida and is an NCAA Champion. All three swimmers have numerous Pan American, FINA and Brazil masters records and championships. During our interview we discussed ‘super sprint’ training methodology in the pool and strength training.

“Acredito que é uma experiência muito boa. Como falei, em relação a principalmente o master, tem pessoas aqui com objetivos diferentes. A gente se dá por vencido, porque está muito velho e acha que não é capaz de fazer algumas coisas. Tem gente aqui, por exemplo, em cadeira de rodas e cai na piscina e nada. Então, o meu recado, é você acreditar mais em você mesmo”.Felipe Rosa Messias
“The masters environment is great because there are swimmers with different goals and abilities all racing together. It’s one big community. Everyone is working to be their best and that’s why this competition is great!”Felipe Rosa Messias

“Para mim, esta competição master tem uma energia incrível, não sei como explicar. Você conhece várias pessoas diferentes, você faz amigos… e quando você não nada bem, você consegue encontrar uma alegria, uma energia em outras partes; Você vê cada pessoa se superando, as pessoas mais velhas superando cada desafio. Então acho que não tem por quê não vir para uma competição desta. É uma energia incrível. Todo mundo deveria participar. Sentir isso. E é isso. Cada um fazendo seu desafio e se superando a cada dia”.Estefania Milanez
“The energy at this competition is incredible that everyone should enjoy. Even if you don’t swim well, there is a lot of support. Don’t worry about results, just come and join us and you’ll have a great time!”Estefania Milanez

“It’s hard when you come to a different environment and everyone is speaking a different language, but don’t be shy, speak as much as you can. Have fun and have a great time. The experience is what matters, it’s a great environment.”Thiago Sickert
Listen to the interview with Felipe, Estefania, and Thiago on SoundCloud:


  • 0:31 – Felipe, Estefania, and Thiago Introductions.
  • 1:26 – What is it like traveling to international meets together?
  • 1:57 – What’s your favorite part about traveling to international meets?
  • 3:28 – How often are you swimming and lifting weights?
  • 4:00 – How long are your workouts? Less than 1,000 meters?
  • 5:15 – How do you build endurance training less than 1,000 meters per workout?
  • 6:45 – Felipe coaching methodology origin.
  • 7:55 – What type of dryland training do you do?
  • 8:53 – What is your favorite type of set?
  • 10:50 – Estefania, how much can you squat??
  • 8:53 – What is your favorite type of set?
  • 11:48 – What advice do you have for other swimmers to come to international meets?

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