The summer is flying by and in July we made huge strides in growing MySwimPro. You can see our highlights from June here.
Without further adieu, here is a behind the scenes look at what we were up to in July 2018!

Featured: Apple App of the Day

We were so pumped to see MySwimPro featured on the Home Page of the Apple App Store on July 7, 2018! It gave us a huge boost in exposure and as a result we on-boarded a massive amount of new swimmers to the platform. In addition to being featured as the App of the Day, MySwimPro was listed among the Top Apps for Serious Swimmers.

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Improved Dynamic Interval Algorithm

One of the biggest value propositions of using the MySwimPro app is the personal coach we provide. Having a workout personalized to you is huge, and the MySwimPro Dynamic Interval feature allows workouts to be tailored to a swimmer’s specific speed so no two workouts are ever the same for anyone on the platform. You can checkout a demo of how this works below:

Pan American Masters Championships

We had an exciting week in Orlando, Florida at the UANA Pan American Masters Championships. The competition spans 19 days, bringing adult participants and their families from South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Canada and the USA to Orlando, Florida! Over 2,500 athletes from over 40 national federations were represented at the championships.

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We also held a meetup for our community members and it was great to sync up with our fans from across the Americas!

The #AskASwimPro Show

In July I had the opportunity to speak with some of the fastest swimmers from around the world. If you’re interested in being a part of this weekly show, please let me know!!

Brazil Masters 🇧🇷(Pan American Natação Master)

Chris Rojas 🇵🇦 (Panama)


Chris is a masters swimmer and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of AquaLabs and in this interview details how he trained in an endless pool in the months leading up to the Pan American Masters Championships. Chris also discusses the impact of teaching kids how to swim in Panama and how swimming can be a form of meditation.

Dale Neuburger: VP of FINA, President of UANA

Dale Neuburger is the Vice President of FINA (International Federation for swimming) and serves as the President of UANA (Union Americana de Natacion). He is also the Director of TSE Consulting with a client list that includes the United States Olympic Committee and 22 of its National Governing Bodies. He was Assistant Chef de Mission for the U.S. Olympic delegation in Athens and President of United States Aquatic Sports.

Why Swimming Is The Hardest Sport

– Why swimmers think their sport is the hardest
– Differences between swimming and other sports
– Pool Swimming vs Open Water vs Water Polo vs Lifeguard Competitions

Overcoming Swimming Burnout

– Why swimmers burn out
– How to get back into swimming after a long break
– How many times per week you should swim

Open Water Drafting

– Favorite part about open water swimming
– Open water swimming vs pool swimming
– Open water drafting strategy
– Open water breathing strategy

Winning Gold After 41 Years Off

Bill Putnam Jr.’s story of how he won a gold medal at his first race in 41 years! His story is inspiring and overviews how he overcame two types of cancer, plus rotator cuff surgery to come out on top with a 1st place finish at this year’s Missouri Senior Games. Hear how MySwimPro is helping him train!


Bill’s Gold Medal Moment

Whiteboard Wednesdays

Open Water Drafting Technique

Drafting is a technique that’s well understood in race car driving and cycling. In swimming, the effect can be just as big because water is 800x more dense than air and there’s significantly more resistance in the water than on land.

Open water swimming is a fun and exciting sport. One of the reasons it is very different from pool swimming is the concept of drafting. This is where you align yourself with another swimmer(s) to reduce the overall effect of drag due to exploiting the lead swimmer’s slipstream.

What is SWOLF

SWOLF isn’t perfect, but it’s a solid way to measure improvements in stroke efficiency over time. Sometimes it’s hard to compare stroke count and time if you swim in different pool lengths. Efficiency fixes this problem, so you can compare apples-to-apples in different pool lengths. If you sometimes swim in a 25 yard pool, and sometimes in a 50 meter pool this is what you’ll want to look at.

Workout Content Published

1,500m Workout (Real Data)

Workout Statistics:
  • Distance: 1,500m
  • Duration: 32 Minutes
  • Focus: Freestyle Technique

3,000 Yard SWOLF Test (Advanced Analytics>

Using data to help you understand your swimming performance is one of the most efficient ways to help you improve in the water. With advances in wearable technology, the most important metrics can be tracked automatically and used to your advantage.
“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”
I completed the workout below wearing the Apple Watch Series 3 running the MySwimPro App’s Workout of the Day. The intervals on the workout were automatically personalized to my swimming level using the Dynamic Intervals module in Workout Settings.

Workout Statistics:
  • Distance: 3,000 Yards
  • Duration: 56 Minutes
  • Focus: Improving SWOLF

Are you looking to learn more about MySwimPro, join the team, help us grow? Feel free to shoot me an email at!



  1. I m interested to know what data is available from AppleWatch 2 if i do a straight 1km freestyle swim? the free version is limited, so what info is available from the premium subscription?

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