Hi everyone, my name is Angelia! I am from Malaysia and recently (well 3 years or so) joined the Masters and open water swimming scenes in the South East Asian/Asian side after a long hiatus (cough cough I shouldn’t say how long) from the swimming scene.

It’s been a great journey so far training with MySwimPro and it’s been good connecting with fellow swimmers (from my “past life” and more recent friends) across the region. I am learning new workouts and technique tips, and for meeting new swimmers around the world.

I’ve started teaching and dabbling in coaching too and that’s a whole new learning experience. Part of the fun, I reckon!
My goals for this year? To achieve my first 16km open water swim without falling apart! 
I look forward to learning more with MySwimPro!
Great job, Angelia! We are so excited to have you join us and share your story. Good luck in your 16km race! 
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