Hi all! My name is Matt Neely and I’ve been swimming with MySwimPro since about the beginning of the year. I’ve swam my whole life (club and collegiate) but took about 10 years off. I got back into swimming last summer and have loved racing in open water races this summer!
My dad, brother and I are competing in the Alcatraz Swim With the Centurions race in San Francisco in October, 2018. It’s been something we’ve talked about since I was a young age group swimmer and with the help of MySwimPro, we’re going to check it off our bucket list soon! 

MySwimPro has been a huge help in the way I train. Having the workout, interval, heart rate info and GPS mapping available all on my Apple Watch makes it simple and fun to put in yards in the water.

“I love getting out of the water and checking my splits, seeing how my heart rate reacted during a grueling set or how far I actually went in the open water.”

I also like the ability to look back at workouts and quantify how many (or few!) yards I’ve actually put in. Plus, there’s a great sense of community that goes beyond just the app itself. Being able to follow friends and family who train really brings a fun, new aspect to swimming!

 I live and train in southeast Michigan where we’re lucky to have lakes all over which is great for open water training! Below is a picture of me with one of my biggest fans (my son) after the Brogan Open Water invite in Cleveland from July.

If anyone is in the Midwest, this race was top notch all the way around! You should add it to your race calendars for next summer!
Thanks to Fares and all of the crew at MySwimPro for helping inspire a huge group of folks to stay fit and focused! Happy swimming!
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