Swimmer Matt N. shares how he’s training better than ever with the MySwimPro Training Plan.
Meet Matt
Hi everyone! My name is Matt. I am 41 years old and live and work in France. After years of competitive swimming, and a 10-year period away from swimming pools, I am back at it.

Swimming is now a way for me to stay fit and relax after a long day at work. Finding a swim club that matched my work hours was not easy. In different ways, MySwimPro has helped me find the necessary motivation to gear up and jump in the pool instead of my couch.

First, the structured Training Plans and specific structured workouts make my training easier.

“No need to elaborate my own program every time I go to swim, I just have to focus on swimming.”

I also like the fact that I never get bored, which is really important to remain motivated, especially when you swim solo. The diversity in workouts, plans and the editable options offered by the app keep my swimming away from monotony.

Everyday I swim, I can do something different. And of course, what I like in MySwimPro with my Apple Watch is that wherever I go—work trip, holidays… my coach follows me. I just have to stash my swim gear in my suitcase or backpack, and find a pool/lake/body of water to keep swimming.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Matt! We’re so happy to have you in our community! 
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