We asked our Community Members what their favorite part of swimming with MySwimPro is. Check out what they had to say and leave us a comment on how MySwimPro is helping your swim training! Thank you everyone for your great feedback!

1) Workout of the Day

“Love the daily workouts and how I’m never doing the same workout twice. This is my favorite app on my phone! I’ve only been swimming since November ’17 and the app has helped me so much.” – Matt K.

2) Training Plans

“The training plans have really given me the structure I needed to get back into swimming on a regular basis. I appreciate range of options for beginners. The videos are great, too and very helpful for developing form.”  – Melissa R.

3) Detailed swim log

“The fact that it saves workouts and tells me what to do next in my plan. And I don’t need a smartwatch!” – Jess M.

4) Motivation

“Makes every swim an achievable challenge” – Mike W.

5) Variety of workouts

It gives me variety. I make my own workouts and I rotate them regularly.” – Brian S.

6) Variety of stroke training

“Having many choices for stroke-specific training, and being able to edit all the trainings.”  – Tish S.

7) Keeps you consistent

“It keeps me swimming! I love being able to just put my Apple watch on and have the workout there, ready to go. All I need to do is swim!” – Gordon M.

8) Tracks my intervals

“Keeps track of intervals and gives a countdown to go.” – Danielle P.

9) A great alternative to joining a swim team or hiring a coach

“Preconfigured programs. Makes me feel like I don’t need to join a swimming club.” – Richard P.

10) Keeps hard practices fun!

“MySwimPro has great training plans, especially the variety of different plans. I was a former competitive swimmer and coach and I am always searching for new ideas for structuring training that is challenging, but not too boring like a training set of 20×200 Freestyle.” – Timo S.

11) Feedback and community

“I love the ease of use, incredible feedback and updates from the developers, and all of the other wonderful resources. Also, the community on Facebook is really very supportive and inspirational.” – James V.

12) Every workout is efficient

“This is the most useful and professional sports training app I have ever used. I have turned around my swimming completely in six weeks and I no longer flounder around alone doing junk yardage.” – Andrew I.

13) Motivating Coaches

“The features of the apps are unique in the market. The MySwimPro team and events they organize are awesome. Their enthusiasm and passion for swimming makes them relatable and easy to follow! They’re constantly innovating and making quick fixes to issues.” – Jorge D.

14) Swim history

“The ability to track my practices so I can see what I need to improve on and remember what I’ve done previously.” – Audrie F.

15) Quick and easy to start a workout

“I don’t have to worry about writing my own programs — it’s already done for me. It’s always quick and easy to access.” – Carla B.

16) Teaches beginners how to structure workouts

“I am very new to swimming in any structured sense. MySwimPro is beginner/novice friendly and it works great as a multidimensional train and teaching tool. So happy to have it and well worth the purchase!” – Suzanne S.

17) Visible Progress

“I swim on my own, not with a team and it keeps things interesting. I really appreciate the 8 week plans! It’s encouraging to see progress and have something different to do everyday without having to think about it (at 5am!).” – Nancy N.

18) Workouts without a coach

“The workouts. There’s no masters program where I live now, and having timed workouts on my wrist is invaluable. It keeps me pushing at age 70.” – Brent H.

19)  Made by swimmers, for swimmers

“It seems that every decision in the app is made by swimmers, with real swimmers in mind.” – Frederic L.

20) Helps you lose weight

“I lost 75 pounds from swimming with MySwimPro. It helped me overcome my fear of “what would others think?”” – Patty D.

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  1. I would like to see a comparison between the basic/free plan and the elite. In the form of a table or spreadsheet.

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