In this post, Arizona-based MySwimPro Member Jill Anderson (@Jill_A_Pedals) shares how swimming with MySwimPro Training Plans on her Apple Watch helped her drop 15 seconds in her 100 yard freestyle!


Hi everyone at MySwimPro! My name is Jill Anderson, I live in Gilbert, Arizona and I love to swim.
I am married to a wonderful retired man who treats me like a queen! We have two grand children. Our pets are tortoises, so they hibernate in the winter and feed themselves in the summer! I am a college professor, spending my free time swimming, biking, running, playing the bass guitar and ukulele. I do those last two because my husband’s guitar playing inspired me to try an instrument.


I learned to swim as a toddler, which I do not remember. But I have the graduation ribbon to prove it!
I have always loved swimming, but growing up in a small town did not lend itself to much in the way of sports opportunity. So, I danced and did gymnastics. When I went to college, I took swimming classes and soon became a lifeguard and swim instructor, for kids just learning to swim, at a local athletic club. I never competed in swimming.
Adulthood did not see much swimming until I became interested in triathlon a few years ago. Then, I discovered I could not do a proper freestyle stroke to the end of a 25 yard pool. So, lessons at a sponsor of the tri club, followed by morning masters attendance. Eventually, I couldn’t make that many practices with the team, so I ended up training alone.


After no longer participating in the local masters swim group, my swim training was intermittent and unstructured. I often lacked the motivation to go swimming. Sometimes, I would use workouts copied from triathlon training books. But, that was tedious and I did not like spending my time writing down the swim workouts.

“I wanted training that was easy to use and could happen on my time, not the time scheduled by a class. So I decided to try MySwimPro Elite!”

I use the MySwimPro on the newest Apple watch. Actually, discovering (and I can’t recall how) the MySwimPro app was the nudge I needed to upgrade my device!
I do everything with MySwimPro – watch technique videos, read the blog, peruse the workouts.
Mostly, I love how it just runs through the workout while swimming; I do not have to push any buttons to define laps. Well, I do push buttons when I need extra rest!


The MySwimPro app has provided me with an easy and structured way to train. It motivates me. I think it also might have lured my husband back into the pool. I tell all the swimmers I know about the app and how much I love it.

“I recently finished the 8-Week Enhance Speed Training Plan, taking 15 seconds off my 100-yard sprint time and 10 seconds off my 50-yard sprint. A change I was not expecting, but was very pleased with my results!”


Now, I am working on speed and technique, as well as continuing distance work.
I am currently in the middle of the 12-Week Open Water Training Plan. In May 2019, I will do the swim leg of an Olympic triathlon relay. Should be more fun than doing the entire race!
Then, I plan to complete the Technique Bootcamp Plans in the MySwimPro app. Afterwards, I will start the 5k Training Plan followed by the 10k Training Plan.
I am also trying to recover from persistent knee pain while running. Ultimately, I would like to participate in some long open water races. I would also like to get back to doing triathlons once my running returns to being pain free.


What I love about swimming is the way it forces you to clear your mind and focus only on the stroke. Clearing the mind results in feeling terrific after a swim – both mentally and physically.

“My advice is to be kind, invite others to share your lane, and to keep reaching for your goal.”

Those three things can apply to anything in life, not just swimming. Shout out AZTriClub, EVO swim school, Rio Masters swim club, and – saving the best for last – my husband, Gary Mandarino!

Thank you so much for sharing your experience, Jill! You are a true inspiration and love seeing you reach your goals with those training plans! 
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