In this post, Virginia-based MySwimPro Member Willard Maxwell shares how swimming with MySwimPro on his Apple Watch is helping him fall back in love with swimming again.


I am a pastor, comedian, musician, educator, and community leader. In my spare time, I am trying to get back in top condition through swimming.
I used to be an Aquatic Director at a local YMCA community pool and was a lifeguard for many years, so I’ve always loved swimming. In my most recent years, life has gotten busy and I was lacking the motivation to get to the pool and swim a lot.
Before I found MySwimPro, I barely swam. Now I’m committed to building my endurance, cutting fat and increasing lean muscle mass.


Swimming is a great exercise. You work every muscle in your body at the same time, and there is no friction placed on your joints and ligaments which makes it a great lifelong sport.

“Swimming helps me preach and play saxophone in church better because it enhances my breathing.”

Swimming was always fun growing up. I have fond memories of earning my Boy Scout Swimming badge and the 1 Mile Swim badge. That one took me over an hour to complete back then!


The MySwimPro app has made a tremendous impact on my life. Having it right on my Apple Watch makes it so easy to track my swims and it holds me accountable.
When I was a child I exercised a lot and didn’t realize it because I was having fun playing sports, riding bikes, and so on. The MySwimPro app brings that same idea of fun to exercise because I’m racing against my watch and always amazed by the technology!

Thank you so much for sharing your experience, Willard! You are crushing your goals and we can’t wait to continue watching your progress! 
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  1. Thanks ! Your story inspired me ! I also grew up loving to swim but am terribly out of shape ! I joined masters swim and go to the Y I’m loving this app!

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