In the world of competitive swimming – discipline, dedication, and determination are the key pillars of success. Meet Micaela Bernard, a former collegiate swimmer whose passion for the sport continues to drive her towards excellence.

Micaela’s journey into the world of swimming began long before she stepped onto the pool deck at Florida Atlantic University. Starting her competitive swimming career at the young age of 5, she demonstrated a natural affinity for the water. She spent countless hours refining her stroke technique and building her endurance.

As she progressed through high school and into college, her talent and dedication earned her a spot on FAU’s swim team, where she competed at the highest level.

The transition from collegiate athlete to post-graduate swimmer presented its own set of challenges.

Without the structure of team practices and competitions, Micaela found herself searching for a new approach to swim training. It was during this time that she discovered the personalized swim coaching available on the MySwimPro app.

“The app is the perfect fit for me, because I can continue to have organized practices from a coach and continue participating in the sport I love.”

With the app, she can swim on her own without a team or coach, and still improve her technique and speed.

Now that she can get personalized swim workouts on her Apple Watch, she’s diving headfirst into a new era of swimming, redefining what it means to be a retired collegiate swimmer.

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How She Trains With The MySwimPro App

One of the key features that sets MySwimPro apart is its seamless integration with Micaela’s Apple Watch.

With this personal coach on her wrist, she can access real-time metrics such as the number of strokes per lap, distance swum, and real-time heart rate data, allowing her to track her progress with precision.

This instant feedback not only keeps her motivated during her workouts but also enables her to make adjustments on the fly, ensuring that she’s always optimizing her performance.

“I also love that collegiate or club swimmers who already have coaches, can still use MySwimPro to track yardage and practice history.”

Plus, with the Drill and Kick Mode, she can trust that the app will track all the most important data from her swims.

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AI-Generated Swim Workouts:

With the new AI Swim Coach in the MySwimPro app, Micaela can input her desired workout duration, target distance, and preferred stroke, allowing her to customize each swim practice to suit her needs. Within seconds, she can get a unique AI-generated swim workout based on how she’s feeling that day!

Whether she’s aiming to improve her speed, endurance, or technique, MySwimPro delivers a curated selection of workouts designed to help her achieve her objectives.

Swimmer Community:

Beyond the technical aspects, MySwimPro also provides Micaela with a sense of community and camaraderie. Through the global community, she can connect with fellow swimmers from around the world, sharing her accomplishments, seeking advice, and offering encouragement.

This virtual support network serves as a source of inspiration on days when the water feels particularly daunting, reminding her that she’s part of a global community united by a shared love of swimming.

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We are so excited for Micaela’s swim journey, and cannot wait to watch her continue to swim for the rest of her life!

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