In this post, MySwimPro swimmer Holly Smith, shares how she dropped 5 minutes in the swim portion of her Ironman race, thanks to training with the MySwimPro app!

“I’ve tried other programs before, but with MySwimPro I’ve finally found something that actually helps me enjoy swimming and pushes me to do more. Now I swim 3,000-5,000 meters during training. While I’m definitely not “fast” I was also able to take about 5 minutes off of my 2.4 mile swim time last week at Ironman Texas. Looking forward to more improvements throughout the year!”



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Finished my 6th Ironman at Ironman Texas on Saturday! It was a HOT one! #ironman #ironmantexas #swimbikerun #endurancetraining #altred #phytorebel

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Hi everyone! My name is Holly Smith and I love being active! I had always been a long distance runner, but about 5 years ago I started doing triathlons and was instantly hooked! Since that time I’ve done all distances, from sprints to full Ironmans, and I just completed my 6th full Ironman at the end of April 2019.

Now that I train with MySwimPro, I look forward to swimming for the first time ever! Instead of dragging myself to the pool twice a week, I’m now training at least 4 times a week. My training sessions are not just longer in duration, but also more meaningful and productive.


Honestly… not much. I only started swimming about 5 years ago because I loved the idea of competing in triathlons. However the swim has always been my weak sport and for the longest time I had only seen it as a means to get to my bike.


Not well! I had to force myself to go to the pool where I would basically just swim at a moderate pace for about 70-100 laps and then call it a day. I tried other programs but could never find the motivation or right training plans until I found MySwimPro.


I noticed a difference in my swimming very soon after getting MySwimPro ELITE. Prior to using the app, I would go to the pool without a plan. Now I know exactly what I am going to be doing and push myself to the end.

While I would typically do 1,500 meter workouts in the past, (with a 2,000 day seeming like eternity), now I churn out 4,000-5,000 meter workouts consistently.

“In my first Ironman of the year I improved my swim leg by 5 minutes from a year ago in similar open water conditions. My 100 meter time has come down about 15 seconds from a year ago as well!”

I pair my Garmin 935 watch with the MySwimPro app on my Android, so that I know exactly what workout I am doing in the pool. I typically will follow the workouts in my Personal Training Plan. I most recently used the 12-week 5k Open Water Training Plan with minor modifications. Other times I like using the Workout Of The Day. I also watch the swim and drill videos.

Basically everything MySwimPro offers, I try to utilize!


I really want to improve my swim leg in whatever length triathlon I’m competing in. My main distances are the 70.3 and 140.6. I always start way behind once I get to the bike and am always playing catch up the rest of the race.

To even be a little closer to my competition coming out of the water, would be a huge accomplishment. Plus, being more efficient in the swim will allow me to have a stronger bike and run.


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Ironman take 4

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I love the challenge of swimming, especially long open water distances. To look out and realize how far you really went after a race gives you such a sense of accomplishment


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Gonna miss these morning swims #ironmantraining #myswimpro #openwaterswim #abacobahamas #caribbean #treasurecaybeach #endurancetraining

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  1. Have a plan when you go to the pool.
  2. Utilize swim equipment, such as fins, paddles, and pull buoys to improve different aspects of your stroke and form.
  3. Use all four strokes! Before MySwimPro all I did was freestyle. I never realized how incorporating all the strokes could improve strength and conditioning. But it truly does!
  4. Do drills! I used to ignore this too, thinking that volume was all that mattered. But doing a ton of laps means nothing if your form is sloppy and will only hold you back.
  5. Warm up and cool down! I used to jump in the pool, swim some laps, and then be done. The warm up and cool down are just as important as the main set and cannot be ignored.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience, Holly! You are a true inspiration and love seeing you reach your goals with those training plans! Read more about Holly on her website

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