If you swim on your own, it can be hard to come up with new and creative swim workouts. Doing the same thing over and over can get old really fast. This workout is from a four part series on how to add variety to your swim workouts through: Intensity, Distance, Stroke, and use of equipment!

  • Distance: 2,000 Yards
  • Duration: 44 Minutes
  • Focus: Energy Zone Variation

Variation through intensity is a well understood scientific principle on how alternating energy zones can positively impact your swimming performance. The Main Set in this workout calls for 3 x 100s Freestyle at Threshold followed by a 50 Freestyle at Race Pace and then 2 x 25s Freestyle Sprint. The Main Set runs two rounds. The Pre-set before calls for a 200 Best Average. This workout walks through all 7 energy zones and asks for your effort level to vary greatly between the Warmup, Pre-Set, and Main Set. Focus on maintaining good technique through the duration of the high effort 50s and 25s.

Workout Analysis & Commentary

I was fairly pleased with my performance on this workout. The 200 Best Average felt pretty easy to go 2:08. With Paddles I average 10-11 strokes per length at that speed. I got into a good groove on the 3 x 100s and was pretty happy to hold under 1:10 on all of the 100s averaging about 13-15 seconds rest. On the 50s Race Pace, I would have liked to have gone a bit faster. Coming off a taper a couple weeks ago, I would have expected a bit more pop in my stroke, but could only produce a :27 on the first round and :26 on the second round. I think this has most to do with the fatigue sustained on the 100s at Threshold earlier.

I was able to Sprint well on the final 2 x 25s of the Main Set. I raced a couple of 22.5s flat start in a meet a few weeks prior and 21.6 and 21.8 with a relay flying start, so I was happy to be able to produce 11s and 12s on the 25s at max effort. The extra rest interval allowed me to pop. With less rest I would have certainly not been able to go those times. The Cool Down felt pretty smooth at 1:40. I averaged about 30 seconds rest. Overall the workout was great and my technique felt pretty strong alternating between energy zones!

Be sure to check out the full series on How To Vary Your Swim Training through Intensity, Distance, Stroke, and Equipment.
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