The MySwimPro global community is growing faster than ever! The iPhone and Android Apps not only delivers personalized workouts and training plans, but also now features new achievements to help keep you on track to achieving your goals.

These new achievements can be unlocked by logging workouts in the app and completing training plans. Once you pass a certain distance or number of workouts logged, you’ll unlock a new Achievement!

Achievement Unlocked!

There are hundreds of achievements to unlock and each has a unique badge. All the badges you’ve unlocked are shown on your profile, and you can see which ones you’re working towards completing. Some achievements are easier to unlock than others – like unlocking your first workout. Other badges are harder to obtain like crossing the English Channel.

Achievements are awesome because they help keep you motivated and accountable to your swim workouts. They anchor our performance expectations to a higher standard and increase our self efficacy. Completing goals leads to satisfaction. You feel a sense of commitment and community. You can share these badges and feel a sense of connectedness to our global community of swimmers!
Some of the achievements are associated with real open water swims around the world. Three such swims are highlighted below:

Bosphorus Cross Continental in Istanbul

The Bosphorus Cross Continental Swim (Boğaziçi Kıtalararası Yüzme Yarışı) is an open water swimming race between Europe and Asia (6.5km) held annually in the Bosphorus in Istanbul, Turkey.

Every year over 2,400 swimmers from around the world compete. Since 2010, every swimmer completing the course receives a certificate titled “Intercontinental Swimmer”. Once you log more than 6.5km in the MySwimPro app, you’ll unlock this achievement!

The English Channel

The English Channel is a unique and demanding swim, considered by many to be the ultimate long distance challenge. It isn’t just the distance (21 miles) that is the challenge, but more, the variable conditions that you are likely to encounter. These may vary for mirror like conditions to wind force 6 and wave heights in excess of 2 metres.

The water is cold and you are strongly advised to acclimatize to it, there is a good chance of meeting jellyfish, seaweed and the occasional plank of wood. It is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world with 600 tankers passing through and 200 ferries/seacats and other vessels going across daily.

Catalina Channel Swim

Catalina Island is a popular Southern California day trip. Catch a ferry to the island, and in about an hour, you’re there, looking back at the mainland about 20 miles away. But Catalina is also a destination for a feat of athletic endurance: a very long, cold, dark ocean swim from the island back to the shores of Palos Verdes.

Stretching between Santa Catalina Island and Los Angeles in California, the Catalina Channel is 21 miles long. It’s comparable to the English Channel in terms of distance and water conditions, although it’s a little warmer. Read a guest post, Paul Feltoe as he shares his journey in concurring the Santa Catalina Channel Swim!

So what are you waiting for?
Start logging workouts in the MySwimPro app and take your swimming to the next level to earn achievements! You can log an unlimited number of workouts and win achievements in the app for FREE forever.
Get started today!!

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