In this episode of the #AskASwimPro Show, we’re in Istanbul, Turkey with Cenk Arioz, our Backend Developer at MySwimPro! Learn more about his lifelong passion for swimming, and how he stays in shape while traveling the world.

Meet Cenk: 

Hi, my name is Cenk. I am Backend Developer at MySwimPro. I create cool new features and fix not so cool problems in the app server. I live in Istanbul, Turkey and I have an engineering degree with a business and analytics background. I have been swimming since secondary school and I believe I partly owe my wellbeing to swimming. I love the post-workout physical and mental robustness swimming provides.

I am a competitive sailor too. Personally, I am insatiably curious about many things, namely science, technology, history and economics.

What Do You Love About Swimming?

I try to make swimming an integral part of my life. Not only does it provide countless health benefits, it also has a very similar path with personal improvement in life. In swimming, you are mainly competing against yourself, to bring the best out of you. You can have gradual improvements by fixing mistakes in your technique and you will have small rewards as better times and distances to keep you motivated along the way.

I become happy and proud whenever I improve my time with either fixing mistakes in my technique or becoming more powerful. It means I did something right and I get rewarded for it. It pushes me to strive for even better outcome next time.

What Is It Like Working at MySwimPro?

I love swimming and it is great to have the opportunity to work on something you love and also get paid for it. We have an amazing team at MySwimPro and even more amazing community that motivate and support each other all the time. It feels inexplicably awesome to literally improve hundreds of thousands of peoples lives.

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Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swim:

On July 21, 2019, our CEO & Co-Founder Fares Ksebati swam in the Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swim. This swim hosts over 2,400 swimmers every year, and is a lot of fun. A few of our team members from Europe joined Fares for the weekend and enjoyed spending time with our Community Members.

You can learn more about the swim here and see photos from our Istanbul, Turkey Meet-Up here!

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