In this episode of the #AskASwimPro Show, we’re in Istanbul, Turkey with Max Bilan, our Senior iOS Developer at MySwimPro! Learn more about how he pairs his love of swimming with technology.

Meet Max: 

Hey everyone. My name is Max, and I’m an iOS engineer at MySwimPro. I’m working on everything related to iOS and watchOS apps as I’m a big Apple fan.

I love technology and enjoy building great user experiences. I live in Ukraine and have had great experiences working for many companies, in addition to freelancing. I grew up swimming throughout my school years, life, and have recently decided to get back into swimming

I love to travel, and my wife and I have visited 20+ countries together! I speak three languages and have a goal to learn to speak Spanish.

What Do You Love About Swimming?

For me, swimming is a high-stress reducer and allows me to relax, escape reality, and switch off from the rest of the world, from life problems. I forget about everything and just swim.

One of my happiest swimming memories is from when I got my first race certificate. I don’t remember what the place it was, and it didn’t matter, I just still remember the feeling that I did it!

What Is It Like Working at MySwimPro?

I’m excited to be on the team. We have a fantastic team, and I like the fact that we are building a product that is helping people. I love technology and love swimming, so it’s fantastic to connect what I love in life and do what I do best.

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Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swim:

On July 21, 2019, our CEO & Co-Founder Fares Ksebati swam in the Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swim. This swim hosts over 2,400 swimmers every year, and is a lot of fun. A few of our team members from Europe joined Fares for the weekend and enjoyed spending time with our Community Members.

You can learn more about the swim here and see photos from our Istanbul, Turkey Meet-Up here!

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