In this post, we’re chatting with Canada-based Ambassador Marcia Cossatis! Follow along on her journey (@marciacossatis) to reach her goals in masters swimming, and check out her amazing photos she captures along the way.

Meet Marcia

Hi! My name is Marcia Cossatis and I currently live in Canada, but I am from Brazil. I am a masters swimmer, and have been practicing this sport passionately since I was 5 years old.

I am proud to say that I hold many national and international titles, my most important are from the 2014 Montreal and 2015 Kazan FINA World Masters Championships.

I practice regularly 6 times a week, and when I was in Rio de Janeiro, I trained with a swim team in Barra da Tijuca. When swimming with my team, I use MySwimPro on my Apple Watch and log my coach’s workout in the app. I use it as a support to monitor my splits, my heart rate and count laps (LOL). I travel a lot and that is where the MySwimPro app has become my swimmer pal and coach on my trips.

My Swimming Goals

Last year I was diagnosed with a heart condition, arrhythmia. Since then I am swimming to get back in the game because the medicine I have to take everyday affects my performance. My goal is to keep going and not mind the side effects.

The app has really kept me focused in my training, and the heart rate tracking helps me control my arrhythmia, which is very important for me.

My Favorite Competitions

I have competed in several FINA World Masters Championship, having my best results in Montreal 2014 where I won a silver medal in the Women’s 50m butterfly. I was also the world champion in 3 relays and earned silver in another relay.

In Kazan 2015, I was my age group’s World Champion in the 50m and 100m breaststroke, 3rd place in the 50m free and 5th place in the 50m fly and 400m free. I also earned a bronze medal for the 4x50m free mixed relay and placed 4th on the 4x50m medley mixed relay.

I hold several South American and Brazilian National Masters Records, and my main goal for 2019 is to set the 50m free and the 100m breaststroke South American Record.

I am working hard on this and with MySwimPro’s help, it’s really fun to train! I am so proud to become an Ambassador, thank you MySwimPro!

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Marcia! We’re so excited to have you on board as an ambassador, and can’t wait to hear how you swim this year! 

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