Our international team is excited to share the latest updates at MySwimPro, Inc. We have team members working across time globe and we’re super excited about the incredible impact we’re having on helping swimmers everywhere.

You can read last month’s update here. This update is a brief glimpse into what we’ve been up to in September 2019 from Mallorca, Spain!

Team Retreat 🇪🇸

For our annual retreat, we flew all 10 team members to Mallorca, Spain! We stayed in the Castle of Sant Elm! It was commissioned in the 13 century and our roof had a real canon! The view was spectacular! It was a full week of team building, strategy, and content!

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World Swim Day 🌎

We’re gearing up for World Swim Day on October 26, 2019! World Swim Day is an international holiday that empowers people to be active in the water, promote water safety and drowning prevention. Learn more here.

App of the Day 📱

On September 21, 2019 MySwimPro was selected by Apple as the App of the Day to feature on the home page of the App Store in the United States. MySwimPro looks awesome in the new Dark Theme new in iOS 13 and was prominently featured in the Apple App Store when Apple released this update.

1,000,000+ Downloads 🚀

MySwimPro has now officially crossed over 1 million App downloads globally. MySwimPro’s digital community is larger than the population of 75 countries. Our community members come from over 180 countries and swim for one common purpose – to be healthy and share a passion for the water.

The MySwimPro app will be available in 10 languages by World Swim Day (October 26, 2019)!

Gold Medal Moments 🏅

  • “MySwimPro helped me shave off 7-8 seconds in my 100m just when I first tried incorporating your advice here…just in a day! I can’t wait to see my improvements in the coming weeks.”
  • “I can’t believe how I instantly started swimming faster. Surreal! Love it!”
  • “I started swimming again in November 2018 after over a decade not swimming. I’m down 20 lbs and it’s so easy to go to the pool when you just hit start on your Apple Watch. Such a great app! Looking forward to see this app get even better!”
  • “MySwimPro is way better than Twitter and Facebook put together! I love MySwimPro App, to hell with all the other ways to waste your time!”

If you’re looking to learn more about MySwimPro, join the team, or help us grow, feel free to shoot me an email directly at fares@myswimpro.com!


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