In this post, we’re sharing Brian Jernigan’s story of how he rediscovered his love for swimming, committed to his goals, lost 60 pounds and improved his overall physical health with MySwimPro ELITE.

Meet Brian Jernigan:

Hi! My name is Brian, I am 60 years old and I live in Atlanta Georgia. I used to swim regularly for fitness about 30 years ago, but unfortunately took a lot of time off. My body composition changed a lot and I lost a lot of the strength I gained from swimming laps.

About a year ago, I got back in the water and took up swimming alone again. I started off by just swimming back and forth at my local pool, not following any plan or regimented training. It’s pretty tough to keep yourself accountable and swimming hard when you don’t have a coach or team helping you.

This quickly got really boring, and I wasn’t seeing much progress in my endurance or weight loss.

Swimming With MySwimPro:

Lucky me, I found the MySwimPro app! I downloaded it on my iPhone, then paired it with my Apple Watch. I quickly upgraded to the ELITE Subscription and started focusing on how I could take my swimming to another level.

The technique videos in the app have been a tremendous help in improving my strokes. Every day’s workout is different, and I always come to the pool prepared.

I open my phone to see the day’s workout, watch the technique videos before I swim, then complete the workout by following along on my Apple Watch.

Having planned workouts has been great! I don’t get bored just swimming back and forth. Every day’s workout is different.

I started following the Personal Training Plans in the app, which really helped me to focus on my swimming and lose some extra weight!

How He Lost 60 Pounds From Swimming:

For the past year, I have been swimming consistently with the MySwimPro app and have lost over 60+ pounds!

The MySwimPro Workouts and Training Plans have been a key part of my weight loss. I swim 3 times per week, alternating with days where I hike, and walk my dogs.

The weight loss is great, but I feel a lot more confident, faster and happier while I swim. My technique is so much better, and I really get into the analytics behind each swim. The MySwimPro community group on Facebook is really motivating and helps me stay on track.

I am now in my second round of completing the 8-Week Enhance Speed Training Plan!

I’ve also been using an app called Lose It to count the calories I consume. Lose It imports exercise data from Apple Health (including MySwimPro and other sources) and calculates the deficit necessary between calories out and calories in to lose weight at a target rate. Now that I’ve hit my initial goal I’ve decided to go for another 10 pounds at a slightly slower rate.

My Advice For Other Swimmers:

  1. Use the MySwimPro Training Plans included in ELITE… and complete the whole workout every time.
  2. In addition to using my Apple Watch, I like to print the workout and keep it at the edge of the pool in a plastic sheet protector.
  3. Use equipment for parts of your workout! If you have to choose just one piece of gear, get a snorkel. It is unbelievably helpful for isolating parts of your stroke without the complication of rhythmic breathing. For Threshold and Endurance sets, it lets you get all the air you need, improving aerobic fitness more efficiently.
  4. Look at your results in the MySwimPro app on your phone. After you swim with your Apple Watch, look at the heart rate graph to help you gauge whether you’re swimming at the exertion level that the workout called for.

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Brian! We are so proud of you and excited that you are improving in your swimming!

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