Meet MySwimPro swimmer Vasily Levchenko (@minamoto1979) from St. Petersburg, Russia!

Meet Vasily:

Hello! My name is Vasily and I am the proud father of two talented children, the husband of a beautiful and genius wife, and an engineer at Jet Brains. I love to swim, and have really enjoyed training with the MySwimPro app.

Since using the app, I have logged over 1,300 kilometers of swimming!

His Swimming Background:

I started swimming 2-3 years ago, as a way to improve my fitness. When I first started, I was swimming with ILoveSwimming and SwimLab schools.

Then I luckily found the MySwimPro app!

I started to use it for my solo workouts and continued with swimming the Workout Of The Day or following my weekly Training Plan.

Why He Loves to Swim:

I try to swim everyday so that I can enjoy the water. I love to swim because it allows me to meditate and relax. I focus on my stroke, my kick, and how the water flows around me.

“Swimming helps distract me from a stressful day.”

I usually swim 7-8 km at my local pool, and the best part is a the 10 minute visit to the sauna to relax my muscles and brain. It is the best part of my day.

I have also really enjoyed getting to know other swimmers in my area. Here is a photo of our local swimming program!

His Swimming Goals:

I enjoy swimming because it is fun to see myself progress and get faster every time I swim. My main goals are to improve my technique, my fitness level, and to swim faster. So I am working on reaching these times on my swims:

  • 100 meter freestyle – 1:00 mins
  • 100 meter breaststroke – 1:10 mins
  • 100 meter I.M. – 1:10 mins

To reach these goals, I am training with the MySwimPro app on my iPhone and Apple Watch. I am following a Training Plan that tells me what swim workouts to do week-by-week.

I have really enjoyed my year training with the app. My Gold Medal Moments in 2019 was competing in the 400 IM multiple times, successfully completing a 10km workout in 1 day, and joining the team of Ambassadors at MySwimPro.

The app gives me focused workouts and helpful information so I know exactly what to do at the pool.

When I swim, I load the daily workout to my Apple Watch and it will guide me through each swim set and record my analytics. This data is helpful to track afterwards, as it really keeps me motivated to see how much faster I am getting!

I have also earned from cool badges in the app, which makes me really proud. I never thought I would swim this often without a coach or team!

“I always share my workout on Instagram after I swim. It is a great way to connect with other swimmers, and feel motivated for my next swim. I love sharks, so check out my cool feed of shark-inspired workout pics.”

Here is a screenshot of my Instagram feed of MySwimPro workouts:

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