In this guest blog post, Egypt-based MySwimPro Ambassador Sameh Saeb (@samehsaeb) shares how MySwimPro is helping him enjoy the sport of swimming with his children, and prepare for triathlon season.

Meet Sameh:

Hi everyone! My name is Sameh Saeb and I live in Cairo, Egypt.

My relationship with swimming started when I was a kid on a swim team in Southern California. It lasted until I moved back to my home country, Egypt where I dropped off at the age of 14. I’ve been swimming on and off since I became an adult but only recently became more serious about it when I started triathlon.

I have three boys, 11 and 12 years old who are all on the swim team. I spend my time swimming alongside them supporting them and trying to act as a role model.

I am currently training for a 5k Open Water Race and following the 12-Week Training Plan in MySwimPro to prepare.

I’ve been training with the MySwimPro app for the past 3 months and I can tell you that it is life changing. That is no understatement.

With MySwimPro I have much more structure in my workouts, clear tracked progress and best of all constant encouragement on the way to keep me striving for more.

I have tried many apps, but what differentiates MySwimPro is the entire ecosystem built around it. It’s not just an app, it is a community.

I follow the workouts on my watch, and it syncs automatically to my Strava account so I can see all my swim, bike, run workouts in one feed.

MySwimpro brought structure to my training plans. Instead of aimlessly swimming 1.5 to 2k, now, I have a complete plan that can take me to +4k!

Now my boys have to wait until I finish to go home!

What I love about MySwimPro is the structure it brings to my workouts and the ability to track progress and continuously improve my fitness. I am feeling great!

At my recent triathlon, I was the first of my age group to come out of the water, which I was very proud of.

My next goal is to complete a full Ironman, so stay tuned!

Thank you so much for sharing your story, Sameh! We are proud to have you on our Ambassador team and cannot wait to see you reach your goals this year!

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