We’re excited to announce two new improvements to the MySwimPro app for Apple Watch! You can now take advantage of smarter distance tracking, and tap “Next Rep” in the middle of a Set! 

Tap “Next Rep” In The Middle Of a Set

Are you running short on time? Is the interval too long for you? We upgraded the “Next Set” button to “Next Rep” so you can easily skip to the next rep in your Set.

For example, if your Workout involves 2 Sets — 6×50 and 8×100 — you now have the ability to skip just one of the 50s, rather than skipping all of them and moving on to the next Set, 8×100. 

To skip to the next rep in your Workout, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the water lock by spinning your watch’s crown
  2. Swipe right on your screen 
  3. Press the green “Next Rep” button

Note that this feature does not apply for the Pool Swim setting.

Track Your Distance in Real-Time 

In addition to total yardage tracking, we added real-time distance tracking for each rep within a Set, so you always know where you stand. 

For example, if you are swimming 4×200, you’ll be able to stop at the wall part-way through one 200 and see that you have completed 150 yards of the 200-yard rep. 

To access these updates, make sure you update the MySwimPro app to the latest version!

Video: How To Swim With MySwimPro on Your Apple Watch

There’s nothing quite like being coached through the Workout right from your wrist. Check out our helpful video on how to swim with the Apple Watch! For more tips, visit our Support Site

If you need help using MySwimPro or if you have suggestions, don’t hesitate to reach out to support@myswimpro.com or visit our Support Site. We’d love to hear from you!

Want to try these features for yourself? Download the MySwimPro app for free!


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