No pool? No excuses! Challenge yourself and maintain your fitness with April’s workout challenge, even if you don’t have access to a pool. This is our first challenge that incorporates dryland and swim workouts!

Log 12 hours of workouts between April 1-30. That’s just 3 1-hour workouts per week! Workouts can include swimming or our new dryland workouts.

April Challenge

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Download the free MySwimPro app on iPhone or Android
  2. Open the app and visit the Coach screen
  3. View the No Pool = No Excuses Challenge and tap Join
  4. Log 12 hours of workouts in the app between April 1-30 to participate in the leaderboard. The app tracks your workouts in minutes.

Try our dryland training plans in the app! These dryland workouts are perfect for swimmers to build endurance, prevent injuries, and get stronger for the pool. Now available on iPhone and Android! 

Russian Twists

Share your progress with our global community by tagging #MySwimProStrength in your photos on social media, or joining our Global Facebook Community

Your progress doesn’t have to stop after this challenge! Try our ELITE COACH subscription free for 30 days for full access to all of our workouts, technique videos and more. 

30 day trial



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