In this guest blog, MySwimPro Ambassador, mother, swimmer and self love activist Jackie Frith shares how swimming has helped her find balance and prioritize self care. Jackie empowers women everywhere to feel comfortable in their own skin by sharing her own self love journey through motherhood on social media. 

“My wish for you is that one day you’ll wake up and feel empowered by the parts of yourself that at one time you labeled as flawed.” That is my favorite quote.

My name is Jackie Frith. I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I am a Masters swimmer, a wife, and a mom to 3. 

I am a self love activist and am body positive in my community. I am passionate about sharing my self love and self care journey through motherhood.

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Making Time for Self Care

My journey swimming through motherhood has been challenging and so rewarding. I have learned to embrace the ebb and flow of life. Some weeks, my training goes smoothly. I get all my training sessions in and I feel rested. Then the next week I struggle to get in one training session and feel pulled in several different directions. 

Life is constantly a balancing act, and that’s where the beauty is. It’s where I learned to appreciate my time in the water and my self care.

My favorite part of swimming is that it’s all mine. It’s something that I love to do just for me.

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What I’ve Learned from Swimming

I have learned so much from swimming. I’ve learned that the greatest moments in life come from teamwork and team support. Like the time I stood on the podium as a young girl. It was the support of my teammates, my coach and my family that got me there. And now, I am creating social change together with my community for every woman to feel comfortable in her own skin. 

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Finding Inspiration

Women everywhere are my inspiration, because I choose to see their beauty, inside and out. My teammates, the women I follow on social media, and the women I meet every day — I hold onto their positivity and use it as daily inspiration. 

I love to hear, and most of all feel, other women’s stories, their happiness, their pain, their love and their joy. This is what matters in life, and this is what motivates me to support and empower women to feel comfortable in the water in their own skin. 

Her story is my story, just like my story is her story. Our stories are connected at the depth of each one. They’re similar, and when we share our stories we can collectively empower each other to be our best selves.

Leading the Change

My wish for women is that they love themselves for who they truly are, and can show up in a bathing suit with no fear or anxiety and just feel joy. I stand for all women feeling comfortable in their own body. 

All women are worthy. And it takes the support and teamwork of a community to create this positive change for women everywhere. 

I inspire other women by showing up as who I am. I promise myself to keep showing up in my cheeky pink bathing suit no matter what. I’ve shown up to practice late because I was busy with my kids and I lost track of time. I’ve shown up to practice happy, sad, frustrated and everything else in between, but I still showed up. I am a mom and I am postpartum. I am choosing to lead as an example.

For more self love inspiration, follow Jackie on Instagram at @swimqueenyxe, and read her letter to other swim mamas!

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  1. Diane Sweers on

    Confidence is something we all have .How we choose to own, live with, or without it ,is of our own choosin’ !
    Life is filled with many a detour, please know they all lead back to the road you choose to be on. I believe a detour is a test for each of us.
    I am the Proud Mother of this amazin’ young woman, wife, mother and friend. Jackie as a
    young girl had her values all sorted out.
    When Jackie was 11 she and I went out for a dinner at a local restaurant. Jackie spent every cent on the meal and insisted on paying the tip as well. As we left the restaurant she skipped to the car with the biggest of smiles. I asked why she was so happy, Jackie said
    ” I have never felt so rich !”
    Remember every snowflake is different and every snowflake is beautiful !
    Love you my most amazin’ daughter xxx

  2. Thank you! I love your story and your strength. You are beautiful, in and out of the water. I am 55, with 5 kids and still swimming. You remind me of why I do it!

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