Take your open water swims to the next level with the new and improved MySwimPro app for Garmin!

Enhanced GPS tracking and detailed analytics make it easier than ever to stick to your route, focus on technique, and track your progress over time. Let’s go! 

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Open Water Swimming with Garmin

  1. Before you hit the water, pair your MySwimPro account with Garmin Sync or the Garmin Connect IQ app. Sync MySwimPro with Strava, too, for even more connectivity.
  2. Start a workout using the Garmin Open Water swim app. Track your heart rate, distance and average pace throughout your swim.
  3. When you’re finished, the Garmin Sync feature will automatically log your workout to MySwimPro, keeping a detailed feed of all your swims in one place.
  4. Review your workout analytics to track your improvements over time.
  5. Share a detailed map of your swim on social media! 

How MySwimPro Coach Works

MySwimPro Coach takes the guesswork out of your swim routine by delivering a personalized swim training experience.

“Working with a coach is very different. A guided workout is very different from swimming on your own.”

Steve D.

How it works: 

Enter Your Goals: To start, you’ll choose from a list of goals that range from swimming faster to losing weight to improving endurance.

Enter Your Times: Then, you’ll enter your best times and swimming skill level, and Coach will create a personalized Training Plan and Guided Workouts that push you toward your goal step by step. Every interval in your Workout is personalized to you based on your best times and swimming level.

Add Your Pool: Enter your pool length, and Coach will adjust your times and Workouts to that distance. Coach can work with pools between 7.5 and 50 yards or meters.

Start Your Training Plan: Check out your personalized Plan on the Coach screen in the MySwimPro app. Every Workout includes coach’s notes and videos that break down drills and exactly how to accomplish each set of the session.

Sync Your Smartwatch: Sync your smartwatch for set-by-set guidance for every Workout. It’s like having a personal coach on your wrist! If you don’t have a smartwatch you can print the Workout and take it with you to the pool.

To further personalize your Workout, use the Workout Scaler to quickly adjust your Workout duration and distance, or edit individual sets to change intervals, strokes, reps and equipment.

“Guided Workouts reduce the anxiety of not knowing what to do. It holds you accountable, and it reduces the stress of figuring out what to do at the pool.”

Nick N.

Beyond custom Training Plans, check out the Workout of the Day and stroke-specific Workout Library or incorporate a Dryland Training Plan into your Swim Plan.

The MySwimPro app doubles as your digital workout journal and accountability partner, allowing you to quickly log and save Custom Workouts to your personal swim library, follow friends and compete in monthly Swim Challenges.

“Put a Workout on your watch and jump in the water…I really think it’s a game changer.”

Gisella C.

You can continue doing the same workout routine over and over hoping to swim faster, or you can swim with MySwimPro Coach and follow a structured Training Plan that is 100% specific to you with personalized Workouts, technical instruction and support every step of the way.

And it all costs less than your pool membership! 

If this sounds like the program you’ve been looking for to swim faster, improve your technique, and take your swimming to the next level, download the MySwimPro app and get started! Use code SWIM35 to save $35 on your first year of MySwimPro Coach.



  1. Hi there,
    There are some set that I couldn’t finish in time and my garmin jumps straight to the next set. What should I do ?

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