Try this free dryland workout to celebrate World Swim Day on October 24, 2020! 

World Swim Day is more than a virtual swim. It’s an opportunity to inspire people around the world to be active in the water and raise funds for organizations that provide much-needed water safety programming. Know of an organization we should donate to? Nominate them here!

Complete your workout between Friday October 23 – Sunday October 25, 2020, log your workout in the MySwimPro app and share it on social media for a chance to win big prizes!

The Workout

Swimmer Strength is designed for intermediate swimmers, and requires no equipment (just a chair!). Download the MySwimPro app to access audio and video demos breaking down each exercise in the workout.

  • Duration: 40+ minutes (assuming 30sec rest between sets & 60sec rest between set groups)
  • Equipment: Chair, bench or couch

Warm Up (2x)

  • 30sec Dynamic Hamstring Stretch
  • 30sec Spider Mountain Climbers
  • 30sec Lateral Lunges
  • 30sec Supine Wall Press

Circuit 1 (3x)

  • 45sec Runner Lunge
  • 45sec Wall Sit

Circuit 2 (3x)

  • 45sec Push Ups
  • 45sec Chair Dips

Circuit 3 (3x)

  • 45sec Leg Raises
  • 45sec Burpees

Cool Down

  • 30sec Child’s Pose
  • 40sec Figure 4 Stretch (switch legs halfway)
  • 20sec Downward Facing Dog
  • 40sec Lying Twist (switch sides halfway)

Access this workout free in the MySwimPro app October 23-25. Or, join us for a LIVE dryland workout on the MySwimPro Instagram at 12pm EST on Saturday, October 24! Learn More >

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How to Log Your Workout in the MySwimPro App

  • Download the MySwimPro app on iPhone or Android. The app is 100% free from October 23-25, 2020!
  • On the Dryland tab, tap World Swim Day Workouts and select Swimmer Strength 💪 . You have a few options to log your workout: 
    • If you have a smartwatch, tap the ellipsis (…) in the upper right hand corner and tap Send to Watch. Follow the workout on your watch and automatically log it to your account! Learn More >
    • If you work out without a smartwatch, tap Start Workout on your phone and follow along with audio and visual guides. Or, tap Open PDF to print your workout! After completing the workout, tap Log Activity. Learn More >
  • Share why you love to swim, along with a photo or video, on social media using #WorldSwimDay to be entered to win BIG PRIZES! Learn How >

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