Aqua Knuckles is a proud sponsor of World Swim Day 2020! Use code MYSWIMPRO for 15% off your order.

To celebrate World Swim Day, we’re giving away 10 pairs of Aqua Knuckles, a training tool that helps you improve your pull force by up to 10%!

If you watch the best swimmers in the world, you’ll notice that many of them swim with slightly open fingers. This isn’t a coincidence — studies have shown that a 5-10mm spread between your fingers exerts up to 10% more force in your catch than if you were to squeeze your fingers together.

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What does that mean? Keeping your fingers just a few millimeters apart — but not too far apart — gives you better grip of the water, increases your propulsion and helps you swim faster!

How Aqua Knuckles Work

The Aqua Knuckles DUBL WIDE help you train your body to default to open finger technique. 

Simply slip it on your middle and ring fingers and swim your workout as normal! Each pair creates a 5mm spread between your fingers, increasing the surface area of your hands and developing muscle memory for future workouts and races. After using them a few times, you’ll be swimming faster and smarter than ever before. 

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Aqua Knuckles are available in 6 sizes (based on American ring sizes) to ensure you get the perfect fit. They come with a brightly colored mesh bag to help you easily store and find your Aqua Knuckles in your swim bag.

How to Win Aqua Knuckles

We’re giving away 10 pairs of Aqua Knuckles DUBL WIDE to swimmers who participate in World Swim Day! Here’s how to enter:

  • Register for World Swim Day at
  • Download the MySwimPro app free on iPhone or Android
  • Log a swim or dryland workout in the app between October 23-25, 2020
  • Share your workout on social media using #WorldSwimDay. Your account must be set to public in order to win.

Learn more about World Swim Day >

Get 15% off your order of Aqua Knuckles with the code MYSWIMPRO. They make a great, inexpensive gift for all the swimmers in your life!


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