Laguna Fin Co. is a proud sponsor of World Swim Day 2020. Use code MYSWIMPRO10 for 10% off your order.

Swimming with fins is an amazing way to swim faster and build strength. In honor of World Swim Day, we’re giving away 3 pairs of Laguna Fin Co. fins to help you reach your goals!

Incorporating fins into your workouts can improve your ankle flexibility and kick technique, take stress off your shoulders and encourage proper body position.

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For everyday swim training, we recommend short fins, which allow you to maintain a higher kick tempo and give you a more realistic feel for your speed. Long fins are best if you’re focusing on underwater dolphin kick.

Why Laguna Fins? 

Laguna Fin Co. fins are the most comfortable fins on the planet, and can be used for all 4 competitive strokes: Butterfly, backstroke, freestyle and even breaststroke! They’re also great for snorkeling, open water swimming and body surfing.

With adjustable heel and arch straps, you can create your perfect fit. No more blisters!

Weighing in at just 1.4 pounds total (less than 1kg), Laguna fins are a no-brainer to add these fins to your swim bag!

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How to Win a Pair of Fins

We’re giving away 3 pairs of Laguna Fin Co. fins to swimmers who participate in World Swim Day! Here’s how to enter:

  • Register for World Swim Day at
  • Download the MySwimPro app free on iPhone or Android
  • Log a swim or dryland workout in the app between October 23-25, 2020
  • Share your workout on social media using #WorldSwimDay. Your account must be set to public in order to win.

Learn more about World Swim Day >

Get 10% off your order at Laguna Fin Co. with code MYSWIMPRO10!


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