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Feeling extra out of breath after your swim workouts? You may think that you just need to swim more often and get in better shape, but you’re probably neglecting a key muscle group: the respiratory muscles! 

Improving breath control and accessible lung capacity will help you become a better all-around swimmer and can give you the edge you need to get faster in 50s, 100s and 200s.

So, how do you strengthen your respiratory muscles? Fares had a chance to test out Airofit’s Breathing Trainer for a few weeks and saw first-hand how it can help increase accessible lung capacity, respiratory strength and swimming performance.

Fares was able to increase his accessible lung capacity from 5.8 liters to 7.4 liters after just 4 weeks of training with Airofit!

What is the Airofit Breathing Trainer?

The Airofit Breathing Trainer strengthens and mobilizes your diaphragm and intercostal muscles to improve accessible lung capacity and breath efficiency. The small device fits comfortably in your mouth, and has adjustable resistance levels to help you maximize strength gains.

The trainer contains a pressure sensor and a Bluetooth transmitter, which work together to measure and visualize your breathing as you complete breathing exercises in the Airofit Sport smartphone app.

How to Improve Your Accessible Lung Capacity with Airofit

Many athletes don’t train their respiratory muscles, which can hinder performance as fatigue sets in during a workout or race. 

Airofit training begins with a guided accessible lung capacity test in the Airofit Sport app to establish your baseline. Then you’ll begin a swimming-specific training program and watch yourself improve with just 5-10 minutes of work per day. After just 4 weeks of training with Airofit, Fares was able to increase his accessible lung capacity from 5.8 liters to 7.4 liters!

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The app holds you accountable, giving real-time feedback as you complete the day’s breathing exercises and tracking your progress over time. Consistent training will yield improvements in your anaerobic threshold so you can perform at maximum power for longer, or simply get to the other end of the pool without feeling fatigued.

Learn more about the science behind respiratory training and Airofit in our Whiteboard Wednesday video! >

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