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Nutrition is the single biggest factor holding many swimmers back from achieving their full potential. They’re not eating the right nutrients before their workouts, and don’t refuel properly after a swim. 

Athletes often turn to energy bars and protein powders to help bridge the gap in their diets, but many of these products aren’t made with clean ingredients and can leave you feeling sluggish and tired. 

UCAN is an exception to that rule. Their nutrition products are specially formulated to give you clean, sustained energy during your workouts, and elite athletes like Michael Andrew love them. We have been testing out UCAN’s best selling Essential Nutrition Bundle and have been impressed with the results! Check out our full review.

Why Fuel with Complex Carbohydrates?

Supplements and sports nutrition that use sugar or maltodextrin as their main fuel source can spike your blood sugar, causing you to crash and feel sluggish. UCAN products contain SuperStarch, a patented, low glycemic carbohydrate derived from cornstarch that provides a steady stream of glucose to your muscles and your brain. When your blood sugar is stable, you can train harder and longer, and burn more fat.

SuperStarch was initially designed for kids who needed lasting energy to sleep through the night. It clears your stomach quickly, meaning you won’t experience that “heavy stomach” feeling many athletes get when they eat a meal before their workout.

Learn more about the science behind SuperStarch in our Whiteboard Wednesday video!

Our Favorite UCAN Products

After months of testing, these UCAN products are our favorite when it comes to flavor and performance benefits!

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  • UCAN Energy – Tropical Orange
    • Grab UCAN Energy 30 minutes to an hour before your workout for sustained fuel and maximum performance! It’s sugar free, and SuperStarch helps curb hunger
    • If you’re a triathlete or marathon swimmer going longer than 2 or 3 hours, UCAN Energy is a great nutrition option during your workout. Shoot for 1 serving per hour.
  • UCAN Energy + Protein – Chocolate
    • With SuperStarch for glycogen replenishment and protein for muscle repair, UCAN Energy + Protein is a great choice post-workout. Mix it in your favorite type of milk and you’re good to go!
  • UCAN Bars – Chocolate Peanut Butter
    • These bars are great before or after swims. SuperStarch helps keep you full between meals!
  • UCAN Hydrate – Berry
    • This clean electrolyte source keeps you hydrated during and after your workouts. Mix it in your water bottle and sip away!

It’s time to get your nutrition in check! Get 20% off UCAN’s Essential Nutrition Bundle here > Use code MYSWIMPRO for 20% off other UCAN products.



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