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World Swim Day is more than a virtual swim. It’s a chance to reflect on why you love the water and raise funds for organizations that provide much-needed water safety programming. Know an organization that would benefit from a donation? Nominate them here >

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The Workout

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Challenge yourself with an advanced, 60-minute strength and cardio challenge! Mix burpees with bodyweight strength exercises to work up a sweat and build power.

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Equipment: Chair, bench or couch

Warmup (2x)

  • 30sec Dynamic Hamstring Stretch
  • 30sec Standing Rotations
  • 30sec Scapula Pushups
  • 30sec Seated Wall Angel

Burpee Set: 60sec Burpees

Main Circuit 1 (3x)

  • 40sec Chair Dips
  • 40sec Wall Sit
  • 40sec Diagonal Mountain Climbers

Burpee Set: 60sec Burpees

Main Circuit 2 (3x)

  • 40sec Lying I, T, Y, Ws
  • 40sec Lateral Lunges
  • 40sec Russian Twists

Burpee Set: 60sec Burpees

Main Circuit 3 (3x)

  • 40sec Pushups
  • 40sec Air Squats
  • 40sec Flutter Kicks

Burpee Set: 60sec Burpees

Cool Down

  • 60sec Figure 4 Stretch (Switch sides halfway)
  • 60sec Butterfly Stretch (Switch sides halfway)
  • 60sec Lying Twist (Switch sides halfway)

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How to Log Your Workout in the MySwimPro App

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  • Download the MySwimPro app on iPhone or AndroidThe app is 100% free from October 22-24, 2021!
  • On the app and select World Swim Day Sizzle 🔥. You have a few options to log your Workout: 
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    • To print out the Workout, tap the ellipsis (…) in the upper right hand corner and tap Open PDF to print your Workout! After completing the Workout, tap Log Activity. Learn More >
    • To follow the Workout on Apple TV, open MySwimPro on Apple TV, select World Swim Day Sizzle 🔥 and click Start Workout.
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