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There’s something meditative about being in the water. Perhaps it’s the zero gravity feeling, or because swimming is an escape from the stress of the world.

Regardless of the origin of this meditative state, I wanted to take advantage of it every day. So I challenged myself to swim 1 mile every day for 100 days!

I wanted to commit to something that would push me physically and mentally, and really help me discover a new connection to the water.

I’m going to share with you what it was like swimming a full mile, every single day, for over three and a half months. I’ll show you the workouts I did, how I felt, and how I transformed!

Setting the Goal

I knew this would be not only a physical challenge, but also a logistical one. With Covid restrictions, travel obligations and my own complicated schedule, it wasn’t going to be easy.

100 days of swimming would be a test of endurance. In order to succeed, I had to make a game plan and stick with it.

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1 mile was a doable distance for my daily swims, based on my current fitness level. Last year I challenged myself to swim 100,000 meters in 30 days. I swam nearly 4,000 meters every day, and while the results were transformational, I was pretty tired afterward and those workouts took a toll on my body!

My Daily Swim Workouts

I used the MySwimPro app on my Apple Watch to find and track all of my Workouts. I mixed it up each day to keep things interesting.

I alternated aerobic freestyle swims with drills working on my technique. I swam all the strokes and added a little bit of speed work to keep my skills sharp. 

When I selected a Workout for the day from the MySwimPro app, I synced it to my watch and I had every Set right there on my wrist at the pool.

Not having to worry about the workout I was going to do was a huge relief and allowed me to worry about other things like getting to the pool in a snowstorm, or finding another pool when my usual one was empty!

Staying On Track

The only other time through his challenge where I felt my 100 day swim streak was in jeopardy was traveling between cities. I headed from Detroit to Phoenix for a company video shoot in the middle of this challenge, and it proved tough to stay consistent.

When I was in Arizona, we filmed some epic videos including a swim challenge where I raced swimmers in a 25 freestyle and anyone who beat me won $100. I also tested how fast I could swim a 50 freestyle in a full business suit, among other suits. 

In between shooting sessions, I made time to get my swims in! Sticking to a routine can be super difficult when you travel, but it’s really important to plan ahead, have a game plan and find a pool you can swim in while you’re out of town.

Fueling Up 

Swimming might just be the fountain of youth…and while working out regularly can have a significant impact on your health, you also have to fuel your body for success.

During this challenge, I made sure to eat well so my body had the energy it needed to perform every day for 3+ months. In addition to my usual diet, I added AG1 by Athletic Greens to my daily routine. 

It’s packed with 75 vitamins, minerals and whole food-sourced ingredients that help with immune support, gut health, energy and recovery. And on top of all that, each serving includes pre and probiotics, a superfood complex and more. One serving of AG1 is the antioxidant equivalent of 12 servings of fruits and vegetables!

I just mix it with water, and I was on my way! Since incorporating Athletic Greens into my diet, I’ve noticed a boost in energy, better mental clarity, and feel that I recover better after my workouts. 

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The Final Transformation

When I finally hit day 100 and finished my challenge I was proud of what I accomplished, but more so grateful for the opportunity. 

I’m grateful to have been in a position where I could swim every day, that I was healthy through the entire journey, and for my renewed connection to the water.

After 100 days of swimming, my vital lung capacity improved, my average resting heart rate dropped and I also got faster! 

Swimming every day improved my feel of the water, too, which resulted in better stroke efficiency and faster swimming.

The endorphins were an added bonus – I always left the pool with a smile on my face! 

I honestly can’t tell you any other time in my life where I committed to doing something for 100 days without stopping. If you have not experienced the joy of swimming every day, I highly recommend it. 

We all have to start somewhere, and doing something is better than nothing at all. It doesn’t matter how fast you go, because when you go to the pool, you’re lapping everyone on the couch. 

Start small. It’s all about consistency and making baby steps in the right direction.

If you’re looking for a training plan to get started, check out the MySwimPro app, available for iPhone and Android.

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I can’t wait to cheer you on your swimming journey! Try AG1 by Athletic Greens and get a 1-year supply of Vitamin D and 5 travel packs free with your purchase >


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