After months of hard work behind the scenes, we’re stoked to share some major app updates with you! Open the MySwimPro app on your iPhone to check out MySwimPro’s new look! Stay tuned for Android updates coming soon.

But it’s not all about looks…our team also added numerous features designed to help you get the Workouts you need to swim faster and reach your fitness goals. Here’s the rundown:

Fresh Design

MySwimPro got a major makeover, with new colors and an updated Coach tab that makes it easier to find your recommended Training Plan, the Workout of the Day, and your Workout Library. 

Smarter Training Plan Recommendations

Ever wondered what to do next after finishing a Training Plan? We’ve got you covered! When you complete a Training Plan, your Coach will recommend your next Plan to keep you moving toward your goals.

MySwimPro’s Training Plans are designed to progress over time, so there’s no guesswork about whether you’re doing the right stuff in the pool. Follow Coach’s recommendations, and you’re on the right track!

Improved Onboarding Experience

It can be tough to know where to start when diving into your swim training. To make the transition easier, we streamlined our onboarding experience. When new members are setting up their MySwimPro profiles, they’ll tell us about their swimming level and speed, share their goals, and get a customized Training Plan with Workouts designed just for them. 

This updated experience includes sample Workouts from each Skill Level, and an opportunity to set up Personalized Intervals for a fully customized experience.

Expanded Skill Levels

We expanded our Skill Levels from three to five to better capture your swimming experience and really tailor your training, just like a personal coach would.

  • Level 1: You know how to swim and don’t have experience with structured interval training. You max out at about 200 yards per workout.
  • Level 2: You know how to swim freestyle, but haven’t mastered other strokes. You may be new to structured interval training and/or training for your first triathlon.
  • Level 3: You can swim all 4 strokes and may have swum in high school or college. You’re looking to jump start your swim training again.
  • Level 4: You’re an excellent swimmer who needs an extra push to get faster.
  • Level 5: You’re an experienced swimmer who competes at an elite level. Push to the limit!

You can view your Skill Level (and update it if needed) in your Workout Settings on your Profile.

Improved Analytics Screen

We revamped your Analytics to make it easier to understand all the data from each Workout. Tap on a logged Workout to view your Analytics. Tap on a Set to see even more data, such as: 

  • How efficiently you swam: The number of strokes you took per lap in a rep 
  • How your speed fluctuates in reps: Your split times for each rep in a Set 
  • How your endurance changed: Your average heart rate for each rep

New Printable Workout PDF

Don’t swim with a smartwatch and prefer to print your Workouts on paper? Check out the new Workout PDF design! We made it easier to read, and included Effort Level details so you always know how hard (or easy) to swim.

The Feed Tab is Now the Community Tab

Follow friends and view their Workouts, join challenges and stay motivated on the Community Tab. 

New Workouts & Training Plans

Our newest Training Plans are designed to meet you where you’re at, building on existing Plans to help you make long-term, sustainable progress. New Training Plans include:

Explore the Workout Library for new Guided Workouts, too.

These updates are available on all iOS devices, and will be coming to Android soon! Update MySwimPro on your iPhone to see the latest version of the app. Open MySwimPro now


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