From challenging workouts to scenic open water adventures, the inaugural MySwimPro Technique Training Camp in Phuket, Thailand was an epic week of swimming in paradise. 

Here’s an inside look at this five-day camp for adult swimmers, and what participants had to say about their experience!

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Daily Swim Workouts

Campers stayed at the luxury Thanyapura Sports & Health Resort, which is home to world-class facilities, including a 25m and 50m pool, a gym, healthy restaurants and more. 

Each day, we hit the pool for a technique-focused swim workout led by expert coaches Fares Ksebati and Aaron Helander.

The workouts started with a warmup, and then focused on improving a specific skill with drill work. Each workout finished up with a main set to apply the drills and get everyone’s hearts pumping! 

Throughout the week, the workouts progressed to help each camper swim faster and more efficiently by the end of the camp, and maybe even master a new skill or two!

Video Analysis

Each camper got the chance to do a video analysis of their stroke with our expert coaches. 

We filmed each camper above and below water, and Fares and Aaron gave real-time feedback that campers worked on during their swims throughout the week.

These sessions were invaluable…it’s not every day that you can take time to actually see your stroke, and get in-depth feedback from a coach.

Dryland Sessions

To be good at swimming, you also have to hit the gym! During the week we got in a few lifts in Thanyapura’s gym, focusing on swimming-specific movements that directly impact strength, power and speed in the water.

Fueling Up

When you’re training hard, you need to refuel with healthy, nutritious food! Each day, campers received three meals from Thanyapura’s healthy kitchen, ranging from smoothies and juices to salads, sandwiches and even authentic Thai food.

These meals ensured that each camper could show up to every workout feeling their best.

Making Time for Adventures

Between all of our workouts, we still found some time to explore the beautiful island of Phuket! 

We chartered a luxury catamaran and set out to explore the Coral Islands for an afternoon of snorkeling, open water swimming and relaxing in the blue tropical waters. 

We also took a trip to the famous Big Buddha, located atop a hill with sweeping views of the island and the ocean on all sides (and a few monkeys, too!).

Here’s what some of our campers had to say at the end of the week!

“This was an amazing week! It was beyond my expectations. I learned so much more about swimming than I even thought I needed to know, and it was just wonderful!”

Lisa W.

“If you’re thinking you need to up your game, if you’re thinking that you’re not swimming as fast as you could be, there’s no reason not to come. It was time and money well spent and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.” 

Stephen B. 

“I came to this camp to correct my stroke. This camp provided exactly what I was looking for: The coaches showed me where my strokes needed improvement and provided training drills I could use on my own.”

Patrice C.

“Brilliant coaching experience for any person at any level who wants to further develop in swimming.”

Andrea R.

We can’t wait for our next camp! If you’re interested in receiving more information about MySwimPro training camps, click here.



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