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Are you getting out of breath, or just feeling EXHAUSTED while you’re swimming laps? Ramping up the distance or duration of your swim workouts is just not the answer. It might be time to focus on those bad habits you have, and start refining your stroke technique!

Get our 6 tips for how to avoid feeling exhausted and practice proper technique. The goal is to build endurance in the pool, and actually enjoy those swim sessions 🙂

1. Count Your Strokes

The foundation of improving your swim stroke technique lies in understanding your stroke count.

Begin by counting how many strokes you take per length. Every time you move your arm(s) is a stroke. This simple yet crucial metric helps gauge your efficiency in the water.

A recommended drill to refine this is the “countdown” set, where you progressively reduce your stroke count while maintaining rhythm and power. Increasing the power behind each stroke is the key to swimming efficiently.

By focusing on strengthening your catch, your early vertical forearm will propel you forward with greater force.

While decreasing stroke count, make sure you’re not compromising on the power of each stroke. It’s important to remain consistent in your power output across all your strokes.

An even easier way to count your strokes is to use the MySwimPro app on your Apple Watch. Every stroke will automatically be tracked and shown in easy-to-read graphs that break down every interval and length by the number of strokes you took.

2. Listen To Yourself Swimming

Pay attention to the noises your hands make upon entering the water. Excessive splashing is a sign of inefficiency and drag, which really slow you down.

Practice “silent swimming” to minimize noise and maximize efficiency.

By honing in on silent strokes, you’ll glide through the water with reduced resistance, leading to a more enjoyable workout where your endurance can last longer.

3. Watch Yourself Swim

Watching yourself swim can provide invaluable insights into your technique. It is SHOCKING how many swimmers have never seen a photo or video of themselves swimming!

Ask a friend or pool employee to film yourself swimming. You can do this on the pool deck, or even underwater with a GoPro or waterproof camera.

Reviewing the footage from different angles is very helpful in identifying the areas of improvement in your technique. Seeing yourself in action reveals nuances that may not be apparent while you’re swimming.

Be sure to film yourself every few weeks or months to compare your progress and see how much you improve!

4. Use Data To See Where You Fatigue In Your Stroke

Watching yourself swim is great, but if you’re really serious about improving your technique and learning how to swim faster, then you need to use data to level up.

The eo SwimBETTER handset helps you to quantify your technique right on the pool deck.

Just slide them on your hands to collect data on your swim, then open the app to analyze data and see what’s happening above and below water.

“This is a game-changer if you’re trying to find spots in your stroke where you fatigue the most.”

Fares Ksebati

With eo SwimBetter, you can measure the applied force of your hands in up to six different directions. You can see the imbalances between sides, and understand at what points in your stroke you generate the most power and force.

It’s a really powerful technology that was developed by scientists for serious swimmers, triathletes, and coaches. It’s available with either a 90 or 15 minute recording capacity, so it’s a great resource for swimmers who train alone, or even teams.

Plus, you can record all of the strokes and sync video footage to spot inefficiencies in your stroke.

Go to and use code myswimpro at checkout to get 9 months free on a single membership with any handset purchase.

5. Do Drills Specific For The Main Set

Customize your warm-up routine to align with the theme of the main set in your workout.

By focusing on drills that target the specific strokes and muscle groups you’ll be using, your body will be primed for the demands of the main set.

This type of warm up is a form of dynamic stretching, which helps to activate your muscles so that you can swim with proper technique, for longer. A great warm up always help to avoid feeling exhausted.

6. Finish Your Workout The Way You Want To Start The Next Workout

Set a goal to finish every swim workout with purposeful, high-quality strokes.

You want to be able to maintain your technique down to the very last lap of the pool – even if you’re feeling exhausted!

The way you finish your swim session sets the tone for the next one. This is a great mantra to help reinforce good habits, and prepare for continuous improvement in your swimming.

In conclusion, by implementing these six strategies, you can make significant strides in improving your swim stroke technique.

Consistent practice, attention to detail, and a willingness to embrace technology are key factors in unlocking your full potential as a swimmer. So dive in, apply these tips, and watch as your swim workouts get more and more fun every day!

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