Michael Andrew is one special swimmer, and if there’s anything he knows how to do really well, it’s swim fast.

The 25-year-old American turned pro when he was just 14 years old and has since become an Olympic gold medalist and the American record holder in the sprint breaststroke events.

Let’s dive into what makes him so exceptional and how you can apply some of his techniques to your own swimming.

The Power of Timing: Pull, Kick, Glide

One of the critical elements of Michael Andrew’s success is his impeccable timing in the water. The breaststroke rhythm he uses is a seamless cycle of pull, kick, and glide.

As he pulls and kicks, he ensures that his body finishes in a streamlined position every time. This consistent streamline at the end of each stroke is vital for minimizing resistance and maximizing speed.

Mastering the Streamline

If there’s one takeaway from Michael’s technique, it’s the importance of a good streamline. At the end of every stroke, his body is perfectly aligned, reducing drag and allowing for a more efficient glide.

For any aspiring swimmer, focusing on finishing each stroke in a streamlined position can make a significant difference in speed and efficiency.

Hand Speed and Connection

Michael’s hand speed is another aspect that stands out. He moves his hands quickly and efficiently, keeping them in front of his body and maintaining a strong connection throughout the stroke.

This prevents any lag and ensures that his strokes are powerful and well-coordinated. Practicing fast, connected hand movements can help improve your own breaststroke technique.

The Secret of Hip Flexibility

A lesser-known but crucial factor in Michael Andrew’s breaststroke prowess is his exceptional hip flexibility. This flexibility allows him to keep his knees closer together during the kick, reducing resistance and maintaining a streamlined body position.

His ability to rotate his ankles outward without spreading his knees wide minimizes drag and maximizes propulsion. Working on hip flexibility can help you achieve a more efficient kick.

High Body Position

Michael swims with a very high body position in the water, which is different from many other top breaststrokers. His body hovers just below the surface, with minimal portions submerged. This high position reduces drag significantly and enhances his speed.

Focusing on keeping a high body position during your swims can help you reduce drag and increase your speed.

Watch and Learn

Michael Andrew is constantly analyzing his strokes and seeking ways to improve. Watching videos of your own swimming and comparing them to elite swimmers like Michael can provide valuable insights.

If you haven’t seen yourself swim, consider recording a few sessions and reviewing them or even getting a professional analysis to identify areas for improvement.

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Start Your Journey Today

Michael Andrew’s success is a testament to the power of dedication, technique, and continuous improvement. By focusing on key elements like timing, streamline, hand speed, hip flexibility, and body position, you can dramatically improve your own breaststroke technique.

Happy swimming!

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