The swimming world has been abuzz with the name Pan Zhanle.

At just 19 years old, this phenom from China has surged from being a world championship finalist to holding the Asian record, and now, the coveted world record in the 100-meter freestyle with an astonishing time of 46.80 seconds.

As we approach the Olympics in Paris, Pan Zhanle is the clear favorite to win gold. What exactly is the secret behind his incredible speed? Let’s dive into his technique and uncover the elements that make him one of the the fastest swimmers in the world.

Breaking Down Pan Zhanle’s Technique – Stroke Analysis

Head Position and Breathing

One of the standout aspects of Pan’s technique is his head position during breathing. When he breathes, the top of his head remains out of the water while the lower part stays submerged.

This precise alignment keeps his body streamlined and prevents his legs from sinking—a common mistake many swimmers make when they lift their heads too high. Maintaining this balance is crucial for keeping forward momentum without unnecessary drag.

Distance Per Stroke

Pan’s efficiency in the water is highlighted by his remarkable distance per stroke. He manages to cover more ground with fewer strokes, maintaining a powerful and efficient stroke rate throughout the entire 100 meters.

While many swimmers might increase their stroke rate as they tire, Pan sustains his long, powerful strokes, allowing him to maintain his speed and energy.

The Turbo Kick

A key component of Pan’s success is his powerful kick.

Described as having “turbo jets” like a jet ski, his kick generates immense propulsion, driving him forward with incredible speed. This kick not only provides the necessary thrust but also supports his streamlined position and powerful arm strokes.

The Alternating Plank Technique

Perhaps the most unique aspect of Pan’s technique is what can be described as an “alternating plank.” As he swims, Pan appears to hover over the water, with his arm extended and his kick providing the stability and power needed to hold this position.

This allows him to glide efficiently on each stroke, reducing resistance and maintaining a steady, powerful rhythm.

Video Analysis and Continuous Improvement

Pan’s exceptional technique is a result of rigorous video analysis and continuous refinement. By closely examining his form from different angles and at various speeds, he and his coaches can identify areas for improvement and make precise adjustments. This commitment to technique and efficiency is a significant factor in his record-breaking performances.

Applying Pan Zhanle’s Techniques to Your Swimming

To swim like Pan Zhanle, focus on maintaining a balanced head position, maximizing your distance per stroke, and developing a powerful kick. Use video analysis to monitor your form and identify areas for improvement. By incorporating these elements into your training, you can enhance your efficiency and speed in the water.

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Pan Zhanle’s ascent to the top of the swimming world is a testament to his exceptional technique and relentless pursuit of improvement. By focusing on key aspects such as head position, distance per stroke, a powerful kick, and continuous video analysis, he has set a new standard in the 100-meter freestyle.

Whether you’re an aspiring competitive swimmer or just looking to improve your technique, there’s much to learn from Pan’s approach. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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