Ariarne Titmus, often hailed as the “Queen of Freestyle,” has taken the swimming world by storm. At just 23 years old, the Australian sensation has dethroned Olympic legend Katie Ledecky and holds the current world records in the 200m and 400m freestyle races.

Her technique and training have made her one of the best swimmers in the world.

In this video, Coach & MySwimPro CEO Fares Ksebati breaks down her stroke and provides you with tips on how you can swim like Ariarne Titmus. Check it out and let us know what you think in the comments!

The High Elbow Catch

One of the standout features of Titmus’s stroke is her high elbow catch. This technique allows her to leverage a significant amount of water with each pull. Here’s how you can incorporate this into your swimming:

  1. Set Up for the Catch: As you begin your stroke, ensure your eyes are looking down to maintain a streamlined body position. Your hand should enter the water in line with your shoulder.
  2. Fingertip Entry: Drive your fingertips down into the water to set up the catch. Keep your fingers close together but not so tight that water slips through.
  3. Early Vertical Forearm (EVF): Aim to get your forearm vertical as quickly as possible. This allows you to grab more water and propel yourself forward efficiently.

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Body Line and Rotation

Titmus’s body line and rotation are key components of her success. Maintaining a strong, straight body line and utilizing effective rotation can significantly enhance your speed and efficiency in the water:

  1. Body Alignment: Keep your body as straight as possible to minimize drag. Your head should be in a neutral position with your eyes looking down.
  2. Effective Rotation: Use your core muscles to rotate your body with each stroke. This rotation helps you engage your back and shoulder muscles, giving you more power with each pull.

Hand Entry and Pull

Ariarne’s hand entry and pull are meticulously precise, contributing to her powerful and smooth stroke:

  1. Hand Entry: Your hand should enter the water in front of your shoulder, not crossing the midline of your body. This reduces drag and sets up a more efficient pull.
  2. Pull Technique: Once your hand is in the water, execute a clean pull by maintaining a high elbow and pushing the water back effectively. Focus on a continuous, smooth motion without pauses.

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Cadence and Tempo

Titmus is known for her relentless cadence and tempo, even in longer races. Here’s how you can develop a consistent stroke rate:

  1. Maintain Cadence: Whether you’re swimming a sprint or a distance event, strive to maintain a steady and efficient stroke rate. Avoid significant fluctuations in your tempo.
  2. Attack the Water: Approach each stroke with intention and power. Titmus’s ability to “attack” the water while maintaining technique is a key aspect of her speed.

Hand Geometry and Splash Reduction

Titmus’s hand geometry minimizes splash and maximizes efficiency:

  1. Hand Entry Angle: Enter the water at a slight angle to reduce splash and ensure a smooth entry.
  2. Minimize Splash: Focus on entering the water cleanly. Excessive splash indicates wasted energy and inefficiency.

Training Tips

To swim like Ariarne Titmus, incorporating specific drills and focusing on technique are essential:

  1. Snorkel Drills: Use a snorkel to focus on your catch and body alignment without worrying about breathing.
  2. Filming and Analysis: Record your swimming from the side to analyze your technique. Pay attention to your hand entry, body position, and rotation. To get your stroke analyzed by expert coaches, enroll in the MySwimPro Swimming Academy! Click here to join.


Ariarne Titmus’s incredible achievements are a testament to her exceptional technique, relentless training, and strategic approach to swimming. By incorporating her high elbow catch, maintaining a strong body line, refining your hand entry and pull, and focusing on your cadence, you can take significant steps towards swimming like the Queen of Freestyle.

Happy swimming!

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