I recently had the opportunity to chat with Bevan McKinnon, Founder of the Fitter Radio! Bevan is an elite athlete and coach producing one of the most popular weekly Triathlon, Endurance training and Nutrition podcasts on iTunes. His shows discuss all aspects of training, racing and nutrition along with interviews with high profile athletes, coaches and industry leaders and influencers to help triathletes improve their sports performance and health. I was excited to share with Bevan and his listeners what we’re working on at MySwimPro.
You can listen to the full interview at the link below. My interview with Bevan starts at 56:00.
Fitter Triathlon Podcast Sam, Fares
Download on iTunes:
FitterRadio-Podcast-MySwimPro iphone
Special thank you to Bevan and Fitter Radio for making this podcast possible.

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