Swim coaches strive to bring out the best in their athletes. Coaches are emotionally invested in the training, competition and overall preparation of their team. They bring out the best in us, and under their watchful eye help us improve both in and out of the water to reach our goals! Take some time this holiday season to thank all the people who’ve made swimming special for you!
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1) 100-Split Stop Watch

Price: $31.94

Swim coaches are all about the clock. Give the gift of a 100-split stopwatch this holiday season to help your coach geek out about your 25 split times in the 400 IM! These watches are a must-have for any swim coach.

2) LifeProof Phone Case

Price: Starting at $79.99

Like swimmers, coaches are around the water all the time. Many coaches use the stop watch function or other mobile apps to help their athletes succeed on deck. They risk their phone’s safety to help their athletes improve. LifeProof has waterproof cases for iPhone, Android and tablets that can save your coach’s phone from disaster. They’ll also allow your coach to film underwater to help with stroke technique. LifeProof is offering 25% off site wide + free express shipping on most products for all of December.

3) Dry Erase Markers

Price: $6.50

The whiteboard on the deck is like the team’s workout constitution. It’s the itinerary for the day, and like a country’s written constitution, its founding fathers (coaches) took time to craft such a finely tuned manuscript. A fresh set of dry erase markers will make any coaches day, and empower them to deliver workouts with impeccable clarity on the white board.

4) Clipboard with Calculator and Stopwatch

Price: $20.25

Swim coaches are always into cool tech that helps them be more efficient on deck! A combination clipboard, calculator, and stopwatch fits the bill for tools that can enhance their coaching. It’s the perfect tool for recording splits and figuring out pace times on the fly!

5) Stadium Cup/Coffee Mug

Price: Starting at $5.99

Coaches need to stay hydrated on deck! They’re continuously giving their athletes feedback and addressing the team. Pools are loud, and coaches need to stay hydrated to keep their voices fresh! Whether they’re into coffee or a sports drink, a new water bottle or coffee mug can be the perfect gift for your swim coach.

Bonus: Gift Card

Still can’t decide? Gift cards are a perfect way to let your coach decide what they’d like. SwimOutlet.com offers free shipping on orders over $49 and free 2-day shipping on all orders over $99!
Try to think of something that will fit your coach’s lifestyle and will be something they actually use! Put some thought into it, and let them know you appreciate their hard work to help you improve. Even something as simple as a personalized card will help show your coach that you appreciate them as a person and as your coach!


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