Tis the season to swim! As we get closer to Christmas training, 100x100s on New Years and the start of a new calendar year, we’ve organized a top 10 list of the best stocking stuffers for swimmers. Have a look, and you might even find something for yourself too!
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1) LifeProof Phone Case

Price: Starting at $79.99

Swimmers are around water all the time. We all have that friend who took their phone for a dip and later asked for your number again. Save your loved ones the trouble with a waterproof case from LifeProof. Their protective cases for iPhone, Droid and Tablets are affordable and work. Plus you can take awesome underwater photos without the fear of breaking your phone. LifeProof is offering 25% Off sitewide + Free Express Shipping on most products for all of December. Don’t get caught swimming without one!

2) SwimSpray

Price: $9.59

Tired of smelling like chlorine? SwimSpray eliminates chlorine odor and irritation from hair and skin. It’s 400x more effective than some of the other products on the market, and it works instantly after swimming. It’s the perfect stocking stuffer and cure for the dreaded chlorine odor!

3) Fins

Price: Starting at $12.73

Fins are a must-have in any swimmer’s equipment bag. They not only increase your fitness and cardiovascular conditioning, but they improve body position and technique. They can increase the range of motion in your ankles so you move forward more quickly through the water. They’re the perfect gift for any level swimmer! Checkout the review below conducted by Masters Swimming.

4) Goggles

Price: Starting at $11.74

Since the advent of goggles, swimming has become much more enjoyable (and bearable). If you swim, probably already have a pair, but it’s never too early to start thinking about getting a fresh pair of goggles for the next season!

5) Swim Cap

Price: Starting at $1.99

Whether you like silicone or latex, swim caps are an easy way for swimmers to show off their style at the pool. What will your style be: Cheetah print, a smiley face, Nemo?

6) Training Suit

Price: Starting at $7.99

The suit you wear can say a lot about your sense of fashion at the pool. You can never have too many swim suits, and there are hundreds of unique designs to choose from. For an everyday training suit, we like the Speedo Endurance brand. This fabric is much more durable than the standard training suit material, and it will be sure to last you for hundreds of hours of pool time.

7) Swimmer’s Snorkel

Price: $29.99

The snorkel lets swimmers slow it down and really think about maintaining proper stroke technique and body position. Because you no longer have to think or worry about taking a breath, it keeps training interesting and fun. The swimmer’s snorkel by Finis is definitely another must have in every swimmer’s equipment bag.

8) Agility Paddles

Price: From $14.84 – $17.32

If used correctly, and over the right distance, hand paddles can create substantial improvement in power and feel. You need the right tool for the job, and many times swimmers will have multiple pairs of paddles to help different components of their swimming. We recommend the FINIS agility paddles to promote proper hand entry and mechanics for all 4 competitive strokes.

9) A GoPro

Price: Starting at $129.99

The GoPro has become synonymous with action sports photography and videography. It’s also become a very popular tool in swimmers equipment bags. The GoPro is not just for underwater selfies, it can be a great tool to film your stroke and make technique adjustments on the fly. The entry-level GoPro is affordable and records in full HD.

10) Tech Suit

Price: Starting at $120.00

Ready to swim fast? Technology has changed the landscape of our sport. It’s important to select a technical suit that’s both comfortable and makes you feel fast. There are a number of great suits to choose from, so we recommend checking out the SwimOutlet technical suit review below.

Bonus: Gift Card

Still can’t decide? Gift cards are a perfect way to let the swimmer decide what they’d like. SwimOutlet.com offers free shipping on orders over $49 and free 2-day shipping on all orders over $99!
Swimming is about the journey, and with the holidays upon us, be sure to take the time and show your favorite swimmer just how much you care about them!
Happy Swimming!



  1. Very nice list of items, I really like it. What I find missing, though, is a wireless headphone that I can use together with my Lifeproof iphone case: would you have any suggestion? I have spent a lot of time looking for one with no success. If you knew of one, that would be awesome. Thank you guys anyway!!!