Last week I had the opportunity to swim with the Mountain View Masters Swimming & Social Club while I was in town pitching at Google for the Global Sports Innovation Competition. Mountain View Masters (MVM) primarily swims at the Eagle Park pool located two blocks from downtown Mountain View.

The team is made up of all levels of swimmers, from beginners to world record holders. There are swimmers who compete in meets, triathlon, and swimmers who swim just for the benefit of personal fitness. MVM has been part of U.S. Masters Swimming for over 27 years. The club hosts over 200 swimmers and offers 16 workouts per week, 365 days per year. MVM has 6 coaches on staff, and hosts the Annual Alan Liu Memorial SCM Meet.

Go The Distance Program

Something MVM takes pride in is their Swim The Distance program part of U.S. Masters Swimming. It’s a friendly competition to see who can swim the farthest each month. Speed doesn’t matter, just the effort to attain whatever goal you set for yourself!

Social Activities

Team is very important at MVM. Swimmers enjoy monthly happy hour parties, regular social functions like a Summer Picnic and Winter Holiday Party, the Team Auction in the Spring, the Triathlounge in the Fall, and other opportunities for swimmers to spend social time time together while dry and clothed.
Head coach Laura Schuster is awesome, and is also the head coach of the Google Masters program just up the road in Mountain View. If you’re in Mountain View, I encourage you to stop by – it’s a great club atmosphere and you’ll be sure to get a great workout in!
Happy Swimming!

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