“Everybody Active Everyday” is an initiative by Public Health England that recommends that adults participate in 150 minutes of moderate-vigorous physical activity each week. Swimming is uniquely placed to have a pivotal role to helping people stay active.

A study among over 80,000 British adults found that any amount of swimming participation compared to those who engaged in none, was associated with a 28% and 41% reduction in all-cause and cardiovascular disease cause mortality respectively.
On a macro level, swimming is also well positioned to benefit the public because of its wide appeal. A recent meta-analysis of worldwide global sport and leisure activities demonstrated that swimming was consistently rated in the top five leisure sports.
“Swimming is one simple way to boost your life expectancy”

The Benefits of Swimming to Communities

A critical strategy in the fight to improve population health and wellbeing is to focus on communities. The role of swimming as a vehicle for the promotion of physical, mental and social health within communities is increasingly advocated.
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Swimming is a critical constituent of community and social development programs. These community programs have been show to strengthen education, improve public health, address community safety, and promote inter-cultural exchange and augment social inclusion.
Whether it’s for leisure, pleasure or competition, swimming is a great way to improve your health and wellbeing.


A study was recently conducted by Swim England on the health and wellbeing benefits of swimming. You can read the executive summary of the study here and the full version here. The evidence from the report supports what we already know:
Swimming is in many ways an ideal form of physical activity, accessible to many for whom other forms of physical activity are contra-indicated. Swimming is also one of the few sports where female participation is greater than that of males.

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